The daily quest Wrangle More Aether Rays! has the player traversing the plateaus of Blade's Edge Mountains (accessible only by flying-mount or druid flight-form) in search of wild Aether Rays. The player will then have to weaken the Aether Ray so it can be wrangled.


Skyguard Khatie has asked you to wrangle 5 Aether Rays. After you have done so, return them to her at the Skyguard Outpost atop the Blade's Edge Mountains.

You will need:


Aether rays are passive beast-type creatures found atop the western and northern plateaus of Blade's Edge Mountains: Vortex Pinnacle, Bash'ir Landing, and Crystal Spine. They can be floating slightly above the ground or flying high in the air (these will need to be brought down with a ranged attack). When their health is lowered to 40% of their maximum, they will emote with a message, "The Aether Ray appears ready to be wrangled." This is the cue for the player to use the provided Wrangling Rope to wrangle the creature. Do this five times to complete the quest. At any point in time while working on this quest, you can return to Skyguard Khatie and speak with her and she will automatically collect any wrangled nether rays you currently have. This is extremely useful to do as wrangled nether ways can easily impede your vision if you're a melee class and need to maneuver in close quarters.


So, I hope that you're up to helping us wrangle up even more aether rays! From what I can see, you're a natural with the rope! And it's for a good cause, because not only do we get fresh mounts, but it helps us to protect Ogri'la, which the ogres appreciate.

Remember, the aether rays fly around Vortex Pinnacle, and the Crystal Spine to the northeast.

Think you can wrangle me up some more?


You will be rewarded with 15 [Apexis Shards], 11g 99s, and 350 Reputation each with Sha'tari Skyguard and Ogri'la.


You're doing great work for us, <name>. I want you to know that we really appreciate everything that you're doing to keep us stocked up in fresh mounts!


You continue to amaze me! Tell you what... why don't you come back tomorrow and we'll let the rope cool off for now?

<Khatie laughs.>

Thank you so much, <name>!


The quest dialog has progression of flirtatious remarks as your Skyguard rep increases. At Honored she suggests that we meet up after work. At Revered she inquires why the aforementioned rendezvous did not take place.

Quest progression

  1. N [70] Wrangle Some Aether Rays!
  2. N [70] Wrangle More Aether Rays!

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