A quest chain is a series of quests that must be completed in a set order. Many of these chains provide players with a large amount of lore, and can sometimes involve phasing of areas to reflect the current point in the story. Chains may be based in just one zone, or may take the player across several zones or even continents.

Quest chains may converge and diverge based on faction differences. For example, the Dungeon Set 2 chain begins with separate Alliance and Horde quests, but both faction-specific chains converge into the same neutral chain, which then diverges and converges several more times before ending with faction-specific quests.

Quest chains typically provide better rewards than normal quests, in terms of experience, coins, and loot, due to their nature of taking the player through a long story. Often times the first quest in a chain will be an optional prerequisite quest that, while not required to start the chain, can not be obtained after the chain has begun. These quests usually have the player talk to a particular NPC and may grant a small amount of experience and/or reputation.

List of Major Quest Chains

Chain Name # of Quests Locations Notable Rewards Story

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