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Note: For the boss fight within the Throne of Thunder raid, see Ra-den (tactics).

Ra-den (also known as Highkeeper Ra) is the thirteenth boss in Throne of Thunder, Ra is a Titanic watcher who is watching over Pandaria and wields power of lightning.


Originally assigned to watch over Pandaria from his throne within the Thundering Mountain, Ra-den was given the responsibility of guarding the Sha - remnants of the Old God Y'Shaarj - as well as a Titan artifact called the Engine of Nalak'sha. Once the Sha remnants vanished, Ra-den fell into a deep hibernation-like sleep.

Thousands of years later, Ra-den was found and awakened by the Mogu emperor Lei Shen, who was somehow able to imprison the watcher within his own subterranean chamber. Lei Shen then proceeded to build Mogu'shan Palace above the chamber, while simultaneously torturing Ra-den for the secret of his powers over thunder & lightning. As a result of the physical agony, something in Ra-den's mind eventually broke, driving him insane to a large degree and leaving him mostly useless to Lei Shen.

It's also possible that Pandaria's Divine Bell, a powerful artifact said to be forged from the "flesh of the makers", was constructed using the skin removed from Ra-den. The bell was said to have power over the hearts of warriors, and Lei Shen often carried it into battle as inspiration for his Mogu warriors.

Throne of Thunder

When raiding the Throne of Thunder, Ra-den can be still be found imprisoned within the secret chamber beneath the structure. He is visibly missing strips of his stone skin, lasting reminders of the physical torment Lei Shen put him through. His shattered mind reveals itself through nonsensical mutterings uttered throughout the fight, as well as Ra-den's assertion that ALL life on Azeroth must be cleansed due to corruption.

Dungeon Journal entry

There are no scholars with any recollection or record regarding the details of Ra-den's powers. Perhaps these memories have been obscured by the passage of time, or perhaps none who saw the Keeper of Storms in battle ever lived to speak of what they witnessed....

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