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Not to be confused with Ragnok Bloodreaver.

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Ragnok was an orcish warlock of the Shadow Council when the new warchief, Orgrim Doomhammer, came upon them in a surprise attack and slew nearly every last member, including him. Shortly after, Ragnok's former master, Gul'dan, brought the Orc back and placed his spirit, along with those of his fellow council members, in the decaying bodies of knights of Azeroth. Thus the Death Knights were born.

Ultimately, the Horde was defeated and the Portal destroyed. Ragnok found himself trapped on Draenor along with Teron Gorefiend and Gaz Soulripper. Teron, accompanied by the other Death Knights, convinced Ner'zhul to reopen the portal.

Ragnok was assigned to accompany Tagar Spinebreaker and Fenris Wolfbrother on their quest to retrieve the Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras. They overcame the Kul Tiras navy with the help of black dragons, and arrived at the Broken Isles with ships stolen from Menethil Harbor.

Once inside the Tomb of Sargeras, Ragnok's magic guided the way towards the scepter. They found the scepter, but it was in the hands of a demon, one of the tomb's guardians. The demon was slain in battle, and the scepter recovered. When Fenris commanded the company to leave, Ragnok lashed out angrily. He had sensed the Eye of Sargeras nearby, and said that it would be foolish to abandon the chance to claim an artifact of such great power; an artifact that Gul'dan had come to claim himself. Yet, Fenris was adamant. Ragnok threatened him with death, but did not avert Fenris' choice, and resigned himself to his duty. With the Scepter of Sargeras, Ragnok, Fenris and Tagar returned to Ner'zhul to continue their duty to the Horde on the front lines.

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It is likely that this is Ragnok Bloodreaver from The Dragons of Outland.


  • "You don't understand. We got the scepter; we should get the Eye of Sargeras as well. Do you remember when I was confused earlier? It was because I was sensing both artifacts! It took me a moment to realize what was going on. But I know exactly where the Eye of Sargeras is now - down the other corridor. That was the artifact Gul'dan sought, and now it's within our grasp!"
  • "Pitiful things. I could destroy you with a mere thought! You will come with me to retrieve the Eye or -"