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Rats are small critters, found in many places, including Booty Bay, The Barrens, and the Deeprun Tram. They usually only take one normal attack to kill, since they are all Level 1, and have less than 10 Hit Points.

These omnivorous rodents thrive almost anywhere. Rats usually run away. They bite only as a last resort. They are stealthy and good at balancing and swimming.[1] (MGWS 16)

Rats are oddly edible. Nipsy (who cooks them) and Monty (who captures them) of the Deeprun Tram operate a business in which they make Deeprun Rat Kabobs. Dig Rats inhabit Bael Modan in the Barrens and can be made into tasty Dig Rat Stew.


  • Rat
  • Dire rat

A large species of rat living in the Emerald Dream.[2] (S&L 145)


Killing a rat (specifically) is required for Ability hunter pet spider.png [Pest Control].

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