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  • Raw Beast Hide
  • Crafting Reagent
  • Item Level 100
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires Skinning (1)
  • "Gathered by players with the Skinning skill. Can be bought and sold on the auction house."
  • Sell Price: 1c

Raw Beast Hide one of the results of Skinning [Skinning] beasts in Draenor.



Reagent for

  • 1x for [Truesteel Armguards]
  • 10x for [Truesteel Breastplate]
  • 10x for [Burnished Leather]
  • 5x for [Secret of Draenor Leatherworking]
  • 5x for [Drums of Fury]
  • 10x for [Leather Refurbishing Kit]
  • 50x for [Journeying Helm], [Journeying Robes], [Journeying Slacks], [Traveling Helm], [Traveling Leggings], or [Traveling Tunic]
  • 1x for [Supple Bracers]
  • 10x for [Supple Vest] or [Wayfaring Tunic]
  • 1x for [Wayfaring Bracers]
  • 2x for [Hexweave Gloves] or [Hexweave Slippers]
  • 3x for [Hexweave Belt]
  • 4x for [Hexweave Leggings]
The Tannery

With assigned follower:

  • 5x for [Archmage's Tent], [Blood Elven Tent], [Brute's Tent], [Crusader's Tent], [Deathweaver's Hovel], [Distressingly Furry Tent], [Elune's Retreat], [Enchanter's Tent], [Fine Blue and Gold Tent], [Fine Blue and Green Tent], [Fine Blue and Purple Tent], [High Elven Tent], [Ironskin Tent], [Nomad's Spiked Tent], [Orgrimmar's Reach], [Ornate Alliance Tent], [Ornate Horde Tent], [Outcast's Tent], [Patchwork Hut], [Savage Leather Tent], [Simple Tent], [Sturdy Tent], or [Voodoo Doctor's Hovel]

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