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A reagent (IPA riˈeɪdʒənt or re-ey-gents[1]) is an item that is required in order to cast a specific spell or use a specific ability. A reagent differs from a tool in that successfully using the ability/spell will consume the reagent. The use of the term comes from chemistry terminology, reactant, and items used in chemical reactions.[2] Blizzard Entertainment adopted the term to extend its use to include spells and some recipes. Reagents are generally not tradeskill or crafting ingredients (except perhaps Alchemy).

As of Patch 2.3.0, Blind no longer has a reagent requirement for Rogues.

Reagents Used by Spells or Abilities

Name Source Used by Price1
' Reagent vendor Mage: Teleport 10s
Inv misc rune 08.png [Rune of Portals] Reagent vendor Mage: Portal 20s
Inv misc dust 01.png [Arcane Powder] Reagent vendor Mage: Arcane Brilliance(No longer required)
Mage: Ritual of Refreshment
Inv feather 04.png [Light Feather] Harpies and birds
(various levels)
Mage: Slow Fall
Priest: Levitate
Inv misc candle 03.png [Holy Candle] Reagent vendor Priest: Prayer of Fortitude Rank 1 7s
Inv misc candle 02.png [Sacred Candle] Reagent vendor Priest: Prayer of Shadow Protection
Priest: Prayer of Spirit
Priest: Prayer of Fortitude Rank 2
Inv misc gem amethyst 02.png [Soul Shard] Spell Various Warlock abilities
Inv stone 05.png [Infernal Stone] Reagent vendor Warlock: Inferno 50s
Inv misc orb 05.png [Demonic Figurine] Reagent vendor Warlock: Ritual of Doom 1g
Inv misc food 02.png [Maple Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 1 2s
Inv misc food 02.png [Stranglethorn Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 2 4s
Inv misc food 02.png [Ashwood Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 3 8s
Inv misc food 02.png [Hornbeam Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 4 14s
Inv misc food 02.png [Ironwood Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 5 20s
Inv misc food 02.png [Flintweed Seed] Reagent vendor Druid: Rebirth Rank 6 50s
Inv misc branch 01.png [Wild Berries] Reagent vendor Druid: Gift of the Wild Rank 1 7s
Inv misc root 01.png [Wild Thornroot] Reagent vendor Druid: Gift of the Wild Rank 2 10s
Inv misc root 01.png [Wild Quillvine] Reagent vendor Druid: Gift of the Wild Rank 3 15s
Inv jewelry talisman 06.png [Ankh] Reagent vendor Shaman: Reincarnation 20s
Inv misc monsterscales 08.png [Shiny Fish Scales] Water creatures
Level 20-40
Shaman: Water Breathing
Inv potion 64.png [Fish Oil] Naga and Murlocs
Level 30-50
Shaman: Water Walking
Inv stone weightstone 05.png [Symbol of Divinity] Reagent vendor Paladin: Divine Intervention 20s
Inv misc symbolofkings 01.png [Symbol of Kings] Reagent vendor Paladin: Greater Blessing of Kings

Paladin: Greater Blessing of Light
Paladin: Greater Blessing of Might
Paladin: Greater Blessing of Salvation
Paladin: Greater Blessing of Wisdom

Inv misc dust 02.png [Corpse Dust] Reagent vendor Used by death knights as a reagent to summon a ghoul without having to use a humanoid corpse. 5s

1 This is the base price before any discounts.

Reagent vendors can be found in all major cities and many towns.

Reagents Used by Professions

Some drops from mobs that are materials for tradeskill recipes are also classified as "reagents" by the game. (For example in the auction house.) This is counterintuitive, as such items would more logically be called "trade goods". Examples include Elemental Earth and Ironfeather.

Elemental Drops

There are three tiers of elemental reagents. These are used by all professions for crafting and enchants. They are dropped by elementals of the corresponding type at rates of 2-10%, making them somewhat valuable.

Each tier becomes available off of mobs of progressively higher level. For example, (almost) all fire elementals can drop the lowest level item Elemental Fire. A level 50+ elemental can drop Elemental Fire, Heart of Fire, or Essence of Fire.

Name Item Level Source Transmute Approximate Value at Auction2
Inv ore iron 01.png [Elemental Earth] 25 Earth Elementals 1g
Spell fire fire.png [Elemental Fire] 25 Fire Elementals 1g
Spell nature tranquility.png [Elemental Air] 25 Air Elementals 32s
Inv potion 03.png [Elemental Water] 25 Water Elementals 50s
Inv stone 05.png [Core of Earth] 45 Earth Elementals (lvl. 40 and up) 80s
Spell fire lavaspawn.png [Heart of Fire] 45 Fire Elementals (lvl. 40 and up) 1g 90s
Spell nature cyclone.png [Breath of Wind] 45 Air Elementals (lvl. 40 and up) 71s
Inv misc orb 01.png [Globe of Water] 45 Water Elementals (lvl. 40 and up) 33s
Inv misc slime 01.png [Ichor of Undeath] 45 Undead (lvl. 40 and up) 10s
Inv misc herb 08.png [Heart of the Wild] 45 Plant Elementals (lvl. 40 and up) 14s
Spell nature strengthofearthtotem02.png [Essence of Earth] 55 Earth Elementals (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Living or Water
Transmuted from Living or Fire
6g 27s
Spell fire volcano.png [Essence of Fire] 55 Fire Elementals (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Earth
Transmuted from Air
Spell nature earthbind.png [Essence of Air] 55 Air Elementals (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Fire
Transmuted from Water
Spell nature acid 01.png [Essence of Water] 55 Water Elementals (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Air or Undeath
Transmuted from Earth or Undeath
7g 16s
Spell shadow shadetruesight.png [Essence of Undeath] 55 Undead (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Water
Transmuted from Water
Spell nature abolishmagic.png [Living Essence] 55 Plant Elementals (lvl. 50 and up) Transmutes to Earth
Transmuted from Earth

2 Approximate values at auction are based on data collected by Allakhazam as of July 2006. Demand for these items will vary on any given server based on local market conditions and as new tradeskill recipes are added to the game.

Other Drops Used by Professions

Note: This table only includes drops that are classified in-game as reagents.

Name Item Level Source Used by
Inv ore arcanite 02.png [Blue Pearl] 1 Giant Clams at the Vile Reef Quest
Schematic: Flash Bomb
Inv misc monsterscales 02.png [Deviate Scale]
Inv misc monsterscales 01.png [Perfect Deviate Scale]
1 Wailing Caverns mobs Pattern: Deviate Scale Cloak
Pattern: Deviate Scale Gloves
Pattern: Deviate Scale Belt
Inv misc monsterscales 01.png [Naga Scale] 1 Naga (level 20-40) Pattern: Azure Shoulders
Inv potion 22.png [Larval Acid] 55 Carrion Worms in the Eastern Plaguelands Enchant Gloves - Threat
Six level 300 Leatherworking patterns
Spell fire flamebolt.png [Fiery Core] 60 Molten Core mobs Many Molten Core recipes
Spell nature earthquake.png [Lava Core] 60 Molten Core mobs Many Molten Core recipes


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