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"TO BATTLE... hold my teeth."

First seen in the Burning Crusade expansion
+ Male Broken draenei already have graphical support for utilizing equipment, armor (minus helmets) and weapons.
? Already utilize mounts, including Elekk and Talbuk. These creatures are also used by the draenei and Mag'har, however, and are not uniquely Broken.
? Females of this race do not currently exist in-game.
- Broken appear to be strongly tied to Outland, which has already been featured in WoW's first expansion.
- Do not currently possess their own distinct style of architecture/buildings (mostly identical architecture to draenei with some leather huts in the ruins).
Join the Alliance?
+ Broken that traveled with the draenei in the Exodar, are already part of the Alliance and many train draenei in the art of shamanism.
+ Kurenai faction already loyal to the Alliance.
Join the Horde?
- Most Broken draenei are still loyal to their uncorrupted draenei people. It's unlikely they would join the Horde.

Lost Ones

"I've lost my head! It was about, ah, yea big, I was keeping it on my spear. If you find it let me know."

First seen in Warcraft 3
+ Draenei Lost Ones, despite being simply mutated draenei, have a distinctly different culture and social structure to their draenei relatives, presenting a wholly different class choice. They can even be druids.
- Lost Ones appear to be strongly tied to Outland, which has already been featured in WoW's first expansion.
- Blizzard and NPC's seem to imply that they are inherently inferior to other draenei and don't deserve to live.
- Draenei Lost Ones are hostile, with few exceptions. All notable lost ones were retconned, and now only few non-aggressive lost ones wander in Shattrath city as refugees.
But there may still be neutral lost one tribe.
Join the Alliance?
Join the Horde?


Dark Iron

"Ah, there's meh' drink. GET IN MAH' BELLY."

First seen in World of Warcraft
+ The Thorium Brotherhood shows that dark irons can work with others.
- Always chaotic evil.
- They worshiped Ragnaros.
- The Dark Irons have split into separate factions, one of which has joined the Twilight's Hammer.
Join the Alliance?
+ The main faction of Dark Irons have rejoined the Alliance under Moira Thaurissan rule. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
- Bronzebeards and Dark iron dwarves hate each other.
...However, Moira's (unborn) half-bronzebeard half-dark iron child may give reason to peace and friendship at least with some dark irons.
Join the Horde?
? The Horde has had little or no recorded contact with Dark irons.


"Death from above."

+ Unique culture, history and lifestyle, different from normal dwarves: Gryphons, shamanism, and some druidism. Wildhammers also use tattoos that could be feature in character creation.
? Homeland and leader both reside in the Hinterlands which is already a higher level zone.
Their leveling zone and capital will most likely be (if ever added) in separate instanced zone.
? Already have a faction, Wildhammer Clan.
? Used to be neutral.
- Architecture is notably similar to any other dwarven structures.
+ They do have unique architecture present in the game in Twilight Highlands. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
Join the Alliance?
+ Already part of the alliance.
Join the Horde?
? Favor shamanistic magic which is part of the culture of most races of the horde.
Well, draenei practice shamanism, too...
- Already part of the Alliance and would most likely not side against their allies.



It is not hard to find one’s purpose in the world. Liking it, however, is next to impossible.

+ Well established lore.
? Do not currently have own model. Kalecgos has unique half-elf model, but its wide use is questionable.
? Do not have their own capital, but could share with another race.
Like the Goblins and Worgen do in Cataclysm.
? A struggle with personal identity and occasional discrimination leads many half-elves to a life of wandering and adventure.[1]
- Half-elves would not have a unique language.
Speak Common and Thalassian as primary languages.
- Half-elves are rare.[1]
Join the Alliance?
+ The half-elf race is already a member of the Alliance.[2][citation needed] heritage places them in the Alliance at both sides, and many served in the First, Second and Third Wars. Most half-elves live in Stormwind, Theramore, Duskwood, Redridge Mountains, and Elwynn Forest. Most humans have accepted them into society. They have always been accepted by dwarves and gnomes. [3][4][citation needed]
? Interracial breeding is generally frowned upon by human and elven society. Half-elves usually suffer bigotry from both their elven and human parents. The elven parents would often abandon their children.[5][6][citation needed][7][citation needed]
? Humans are jealous of half-elves' extended life spans. Night elves are suspicious of their high elf heritage. High elves see them as proof of their race's weakening blood.[1]
Join the Horde?
? If the race of half-elves continues to suffer nothing but misfortune, they might decide that the Horde is the only place for them.[...] It is said some sometimes find a home within the towns of the Horde.[8][9]
? May have co-operated with the Horde in war earlier because some of them are members of Theramore.


High elf

"No, I AM a high elf! I really am! Look at me! I'm not wearing red!"

First seen in Warcraft 2
+ Well established lore. Current equipment and classes are applicable.
? Search for new homeland would be a good backstory for quests.
- Very few high elves still exist... High elf numbers are so diminished by the war and then by the desertion of the blood elves that the high elf race, and high elf society, no longer exists as a contemporary concept. They depend on the charity of the Alliance, relying more on it than it does on them. The remaining high elves are sadly too few in number to play a major role in things right now...[10]
High elven population is possibly too low to support player population.
However, careful cross-referencing of data given by the RPG books, according to Brann Bronzebeard's official figures [11][12] in Lands of Mystery and Lands of Conflict, high elves have a population of about 25,720, with most living in Stormwind: much higher than his total of 9,958 Darkspear trolls (a playable race) left on Azeroth. Also Wrath of the Lich King clearly shows that the high elf society has been regrouping, rangers from Outland has returned and the Silver Covenant has been formed by Vereesa Windrunner.
- Traditional capital of Silvermoon now in hands of the blood elves.
They could share a capital with another race.
- No unique language. Their language of Thalassian is currently used by the blood elves.
The lack of interaction between the two races might enable a "Common" or "Orcish" dialect. Blizzard also toyed with the idea of the blood elves using sindassi in the BC alpha.
- Their models are almost completely identical with the blood elves which might cause confusion in PvP or otherwise.
Enemies from the opposite faction have a bright red name above their character. Some people turn this off in the interface, but checking the box to show the enemies' names makes this issue irrelevant.
Even there's such interface option, it's possible to create confusion on the players (note that the interface option allowing to see bars above players can be easily turned off by pressing a shortcut key by mistake). PvP tend to be stressing sometimes and those who familiar with it would know that even 1-2 second is important in PvP battles, 1 second means a lot when it's time to react to inrettupt a spell or healing. Even slightest confusion means a lot in PvP, that's why some people prefer to use transformation items in BGs. Bearing that in mind it would be unfair to create such illusion for the opposite faction.
+ Houjin and Tushui are Pandaren on both factions that can cause confusion in PvP but that didn't keep them from becoming playable.

+ High elves are among the most populated races, with their numbers reaching over 25,000, more than gnomes and trolls, both of which are playable.They have many differences to blood elves: Difference in eye color (Blood Elves have green eyes and High Elves have blue eyes), High elves are bigger and stronger than their Blood Elf cousins. Racial ruler might be Alleria or Veressa Windrunner. Capital city could be in Dustwallow marsh or Stormwind (sharing with the humans) or it could be a part of a starting quest chain like Goblins and Worgen . They hate the orcs and trolls because of the first and second wars.

Blood elf Death Knights are not only given a strange bluish glow to thier eyes, but are also given a new player model with the glow removed exposing BLUE eyes, possibly causing mass confusion in players.;
Join the Alliance?
+ High elves are already part of the Alliance.
- Night elves and high elves almost universally distrust each other, sometimes this erupts into pure hatred.[13] (WRPG #?)[14] (A&HC #?)[15] (WoWRPG #?)[16] (APG #?)[citation needed]
According to the RPG it is possible for some high elves and night elves to overcome this distrust, a good example being in the town of Auberdine[17] Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne - night elf story line suggests at least possible for amicable relationship between some blood elves and night elves. Note Maiev & Tyrande's conversation with the blood elf Kael, also in Wrath of the lich king the Silver Covenant has allowed night elves to join their faction, and Fiora Longears is allowed to stay in Auberdine, and Strand of the Ancients high elven emissaries are allowed to enter Darnassus, so relations may be improving.
This would most likely be represented by high elves and night elves starting neutral to each other (similar to how blood elves and forsaken start out neutral to the rest of the Horde).
The RPG also discusses a distrust between Ironforge dwarves, and night elves (although not nearly to the same extent) but this hasn't kept them from being playable.

+Since start of the warcraft they have bin on the alliances side and they hate blood elvs

- Having the same race on both faction as a playable race is unseen in the World of Warcraft. Yes, High Elves and Blood Elves have differences, but it wouldn't be wise to call them as two races apart from another, their differences are cultural, political and ethical not biological / physical by any means. Only way to tell them part in WoW is their eye colours, and note that Blood Elven eye colour green was a side-effect of using Fel Energies to sustain their addiction of Arcane (which is likely why High Elves have blue eye gleaming eyes, Arcane Energy is often shown as "blue" or "purple-blue" beam of energy in Warcraft) and now that the Sunwell has been restored the natural gleaming blue eyes of Blood Elves may return to those who stop using Fel based energies. Since the Sunwell has potential Arcane power to sustain a whole race of Elves, it's not hard to imagine most Blood Elves will no longer rely on Fel Energies to overcome their addiction of magic.

+The difference between High elfs and Blood elfs is not only in eye color it is in their anatomy like : blood elfs are smaller because they use fel magic, blood elfs are weaker then high elfs in strenght but are faster, different racial and of course eye color. And not to forget different culture, lore and of course affiction chose thy will be on alliances side. In fact theres is more difference between High elfs and blood elf then there is between humans and Forsaken and lets not forget Forsaken are only undead Humans and yet they still hate eachother and with the purification of the sunwell (you should notice there are both High elf and blood elf representatives in it) the physical difference between the two will only enlarge (like if someone invents a cure for the undead plage how would a such person look like definetly not human and you should see the worgen case and only difference is still the curse even if you take the cure) and of course blood elfs will continue using fel magic chose the whole point about being blood elf is using fel magic and befrending demons;

- First of all what are stated above are completely represents the ideas of yourself, there are no references for them in any Blizzard source (if there are however, please include a link). Blood and High Elves are physically not different in anyway, in terms of strength I would say consuming fel magic would only make them stronger, not weaker. For example: When Orcs consumed blood of a fel demon, they became stronger and larger, later becameFel orcs. Furthermore, Blood and High Elves cannot have different lores, they are not seperated enough for that long to have their cultures and morals stray too far from each other. Example: Highborne (aka Quel'Dorei) the ancestors of High Elves were once Kaldorei, also the ancestral race of Night Elves. If you check the lore carefully you can see there are so many similarities between High Elf and Night Elf cultures, because they share a common lineage. Darnassian and Thalassian languages are also quite similar. Even for millenias Night Elves and Highborne were physically looked close to eachother, except Highborne having pale skin tone and golden hair. High Elves took their physical appearance today after a very, very long time by having moved to another land far away and by abandoning their nocturnal lifestyle unlike their Night Elven cousins. There is no way Blood and High Elves can be seperated from each other physically in such short timeline.The only physical difference between high and Blood Elves are their eye colors. Since it's noted that some Blood Elves have disguised themselves as High Elves to safely pass through Alliance territories[18]. Also please note that the Sunwell has been restored. Meaning that Blood Elves are reganing their natural magic source, rather slowly but they're getting there. This means Blood Elves that were addicted to Fel Magic will have their need for magic lessened over time and may someday even be cured. Lastly Blood Elves and demons were never be friends. Kael'thas followed Illidan to save his race from extinction, and then later have lost himself to his vengeance and consumed by it. That is why Lor'themar Theron, Halduron Brigthwing and other notable Blood Elves have rejected his ideals and retake the control of Silvermoon City thus the control of their people. High Elves and Blood Elves are yet the same race only seperated from each other by ideals, that is why I believe they cannot be a subrace for both faction.;

if I may politely say that you are in correct for some of the statements you stated above are completely false first of all , blizzard is FULL of sources of high elves (WOWRPG , this vary wiki, warcraft 3 etc etc..) I do however admit that blizzard is able to change the lore in the flip of the second so we can argue about this but if they tomorrow say that humans are the leaders of the horde I gess there is nothing me or you can do about it, secondly they do have different lore and culture today and while I admit they are not the total opposites all the buildings I have seen in wow (both of BE and HE) are a bit different when it comes to shape, size and color. And while I in some manner agree that fel blood would passably make them stronger it is possible that it would have the revers affect on them as it has on orcs for example if fel blood makes orc stronger it would make blood elves magically more powerful but it would weaken the body (take in mind we are talking about IDEAS and IMAGINATION in this point) and as for the physical differences Ill just say this, that argument would be valid BEFORE mop came out, now I cant tell the difference between one panda and another (I disliked that expansion vary much) Also please note that "sunwell has been restored yet we still sap the magic out of the natural creatures" if you paid attention you would see that the actions of the BC and that fact change absolutely nothing if we talk about in game related mentions (at least to my knowledge so your welcome to prove me wrong) or vary little outside the mention of the wowwiki and wowpedia. Also bear in mind that if they tomorrow decide to stop all the demon magic thing, most of the horde looks at them with suspicion (forsaken are the exception even thou they and the forsaken are ironically the BULK of the ex alliance of Lorderon) so if not for high elves I expect a friction in the horde and they might go back to high elves (blizz is full of surprises so while there is little chance nothing is impossible) so I say that while some of your fact are true and some of mine are true there is a LOT of space in between that blizzard covers and only they know what they want, some times they have proven that they are solely motivated by $ and at others they expressed creativity in spite of the peoples wishes. I personally think that blizzards current method of "introducing new things" is bad and want the "old stuff and classics" back and high elves would do just that, I admit this is my personal taste and I dont want us to kill each other coos of our different opinions. In conclusion I strongly support the high elves for the alliance race option;

Join the Horde?
- All remaining high elves are utterly disgusted by the blood elves. They consider the lengths to which the blood elves have gone to be completely insane, and seek to distance themselves from blood elves as much as possible.[14] (A&HC #?)[15] (WoWRPG #?)[16] (APG #?)[citation needed]
- Also a large faction of high elves called the Silver Covenant directly opposes the Horde and the blood elves despite the restoration of the sunwell.

- High Examiner Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher the leader of the Reliquary is a member of the Horde and apparently seeks to unify his people once again. However he states that races of both factions mocking his people and not showing proper respect to his once proud race. This may hint that he is seeking to unify Elven Kind as a neutral, independent race, as before the First War.

- The Blood elves and Goblins created an arcane bomb and dropped it on Theramore Isle which killed many High elves. Since Theramore had the third or forth largest number of High Elves in Azeroth, it means that the Horde likely killed hundreds of High Elves and even Half-Elves. Again Greatly reducing their numbers.


They refuse to be driven to extinction.

First seen in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
? Half-ogres are a race of orc and ogre ancestry, though due to Warcraft races' curious genetics any child of a half-ogre is also entirely a half-ogre. The race is called "mok'nathal" in Orcish, and many belong to the Mok'Nathal Clan[19] (which also includes non half-ogres) or work independently; As well as the half-ogre race with human ancestry, the half-human half-ogres.[20]
? Many half-ogres are independent "neutral heroes" beastmasters, choosing no specific sides or act as mercenaries to the highest bidder (or offering help to those that show them honor & respect).
- Fit poorly lore-wise with any expansion not related to Outland, which has already been done. It is doubtful the half-ogres will have another chance at becoming an expansion race.
- Rexxar states that he is the 'last son of the Mok'Nathal' implying that they are a dying clan. Although there is the Mok'Nathal village in Outland, their numbers are likely too small for them to become a significant force.
However, not all half-ogres are members of Mok´nathal.
-Numbers too low to support player population. There only around a couple of hundred on Azeroth, and likely less in Outland.[21]
Join the Alliance?
- Most half-ogres are members of the Horde. Half-ogres of the Horde would not side against their orc and ogre allies. However there are a few that have not joined the horde choosing to remain independent. Other half-ogres may even be half-human.[22]
- Humans and draenei are the traditional enemies of orcs and ogres. The Alliance views all ogres as savages and enemies.[23] It is unlikely that they would accept a hybrid of an orc and an ogre.
They may be willing to accept a hybrid of human and ogre. However, half-human half-ogres are products of ogre aggressions on human villages.[24]
Join the Horde?
+ The Mok'nathal Clan are already part of the Horde.
+ Most half-ogres have already joined the Horde. Thrall could probably call on many of the rest if needed.[25]
+ A race descended from two current Horde races: orcs and ogres. The Mok'Nathal Clan aside, who says that the breeding has stopped entirely?
Few orcs would willingly breed with the gigantic ogres.[26]
? Originally bred as violent shock troops, which would have power of an ogre with the intelligence and cunning of an orc, for a war that ended too soon. Because their ties to second war, Thralls new hordes opinion may be questionable. They are, though, nowadays mostly found in orc encampments.

Leper gnome

"It ain't easy being green."

First seen in World of Warcraft
+ Leper gnomes already have graphical support for utilizing equipment, armor and weapons.
+ The leper gnomes are considered their own race, mutated from their gnomish cousins according to Monster Guide. They have been given their own "racial traits" & culture in the book.[27][28] Albeit they are more like simply irritated gnomes.
+ Graphics for females already exist in-game.
? Leper gnomes currently have re-skinned gnome model. If they become playable, they will likely get new model like high and blood elves.
- Recently, leper gnomes are in the company with Dark Iron dwarves. Leper gnomes have undertaken diplomatic missions to the Dark Iron dwarves. Many theorize that Thermaplugg is attempting an alliance between the two underground races, in an attempt to strengthen his own forces and finally defeat the troggs. With the exception of the Dark Iron dwarves, they regard all other races as intruders and quickly put them down.[27]
The Forsaken used to work for the Dark Horde, but abandoned it when they joined the Horde.[29]
- Leper gnomes as a whole suffer from an intensely paranoid xenophobia, fearing that other races seek to encroach upon their territory. Thus, few leper gnomes ever leave Gnomeregan or interact willingly with a foreign race.[28]
- The leper gnomes racial language is gnomish, the languages already used by the Alliance gnomes.[28]
But this could be changed in the same way as forsaken and blood elves do not speak common.
- They inhabit Gnomeregan, which is too close to Ironforge to be a capital city, and is already featured as an instance.
Their leveling zone and capital will most likely be (if ever added) in separate instanced zone.
- Leper Gnomes are insane, due to the irritation. The poisoning that twisted their bodies caused perverse madness. While individuals among them may seem saner than others, all are irrevocably twisted. This madness leads them to attack anyone who isn't a leper gnome.[27] They also program their robots to attack anyone who isn't a leper gnome as well.[30] The only exception is Dark Iron dwarves.[27]
Being insane is not barrier becoming playable race, some Forsaken are too insane. (see:Augustus for example);">
- Their leader, Sicco Thermaplugg, is featured as a dungeon boss.
Sicco Thermaplugg could be killed in lore, giving the leper gnomes a reason to find a new leader.
- They are Chaotic Neutral, which means they only care for those that are in their group.
Join the Alliance?
? There are gnomes in the Alliance trying to find a cure for leper gnomes seeing them as being only sick. Although a cured leper gnome would be a true gnome.
- True gnomes, are considered their worst enemies, in their minds. They are whom they blame for their current existence. They regard High Tinker Mekkatorque as a demon, and his followers not much better. A leper gnome never associates with a regular gnome, preferring to kill or torture them rather than to work with them.[27]
Join the Horde?
+ The Forsaken see leper gnomes similar to themselves, afflicted with an incurable "affliction".
Because of this a few leper gnomes already work with the Forsaken, Ganoosh and Apprentice Crispin.
? Could ally against their common enemy, the gnomes.
- Some Leper gnome slaves have been found in Silvermoon City.
Which would make them not trust blood elves or the Horde in general.
- The Horde have a teleporter that allows to raid Gnomeregan, the Horde interacts with Gnomeregan in the quest Quest:Rig Wars, goblin Nogg asks you to steal Thermapluggs papers. This involves killing Sicco Thermaplugg for the combination to his safe. Many other leper gnomes that get in the way, and are hostile to the Horde. The horde also kills the leper gnome's allies the Dark Iron dwarves, obtaining Nog's ring.
Raiding gnomeregan when leper gnomes are known to be hostile to all intruders, and killing their leader, many of their kind, and their allies isn't likely to get on the good side of the leper gnomes.
- Seems unlikely that they would be accepted due to the fact that they are indeed a subrace of gnomes, if they look and act different.



"Sup, mon?"

First seen in Warcraft 3
+ Assisted horde and alliance in battle of Mount Hyjal.
+ They have their own unique architecture.[31]
? Do not currently exist in-game.
- Dark trolls would not have a unique language.
Dark troll speak Low Common.
- Dark trolls are really tall race standing at 10 ft, clearly taller than even tallest of tauren.[32]
Though they could be made the same size as jungle trolls, otherwise this would cause many graphical issues.
- Only seen in Hyjal and with Hyjal being used as a high level leveling area, it's not likely dark trolls would have a starting area there.
Join the Alliance?
? Might have friendly ties to night elves.
Join the Horde?
+ Blood elves find the neutral races such as dark trolls of interest.[33]
? Might have friendly ties to darkspeak trolls.


"Who you wanna me to kill?"

First seen in Warcraft 2
+ Males have unique model.
+ Models are capable of already wearing most armor in-game.
? Forest trolls use several different styles of architecture. Revantusk share the same style as the jungle trolls of the Horde. Some in Lordaeron live within the architecture of ancient troll empires (which is similar to ruins found in Tanaris and Stranglethorn Vale). Others have their own style of architecture.
- The iconic troll abilities (Berserking, Throwing weapon specialty, and the famous troll regeneration) are already in use by Darkspear trolls.
Some races already share racial abilities.
- The Alliance and Horde worked to destroy the forest trolls' racial capital of Zul'Aman and killed their most beloved leader Zul'jin.
Join the Alliance?
? There is possible motivation for the forest trolls to join the Alliance in order to mount an offensive against their mutual enemy, the blood elves.
- Most surviving high elves are members of the Alliance. Forest trolls have a extreme hatred for them.
- They hate humans because they prevented them from destroying the high elves and returning back their land.[34]
- Humans destroyed the Amani empire and slaughtered thousands of trolls.
Join the Horde?
+ Revantusks are aligned to the Horde, although they are not yet members.[35][citation needed]
? Have already been faction.
? Most forest trolls hate blood elves for stealing their land. But it is not known what the Revantusk think of them.
That was also when the blood elves were high elves.
- Many blood elves still have an extreme hatred toward all trolls.
While they put up with the Darkspear tribe, that is because they were already part of the Horde. The blood elves may however have an influence in future races joining.


"We'll help ya fight the Legion, the Horde, the Scourge, whoever...just stop stealing our Shimmerweed!"

First seen in Warcraft 3
+ They have their own unique architecture.
+ Models are capable of already wearing most armor in-game.
+ Males have unique model.
? Enemy of the Scourge.
- The heaviest population of ice trolls were the Drakkari, which have been nearly destroyed in the Wrath of the Lich King.
Join the Alliance?
+ Ice Troll mercenaries fought alongside Arthas (before he took up Frostmourne) and Muradin Bronzebeard.
+ Presence in starting zone of Dun Morogh.
One of the only tribes outside Northrend.
- Historic feud with dwarves.
Join the Horde?
? Have no special hatred of the Horde.


"Hagar the Horrible? Sorry, never heard."

First seen in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
+ They have their own unique models.
+ They have their own unique architecture.
+ They have unique language, Vrykul.
? King Ymiron was killed, giving reason to find a new leader.
? After the Lich King has been defeated, they may need a new alliance.
? Vrykul were seen riding within Deathwing's ranks, it is possible that he gave a blessing, similar to the one bestowed to the Tol'Vir, to cure their infertile problem
     -They may have been multiplying while Horde and Alliance sights were aimed away from Northrend.
Though they may return to being independent, as they were before.
- They serve the Lich King, and are hostile to everyone else.
Although this does not mean a rebel faction cannot arise.
- They are "giants" or rather half-giants approximately twice as tall as humans. There are very few doors that giants can fit through in-game.
Join the Alliance?
? Humans descended from them, so that might give them reason to join the Alliance.
- The vrykul as a whole hate their descendants, seeing them as "weak and ugly".[36]
However, with their King and many of their people killed, opinions may change.
Join the Horde?
? Since the vrykul as a whole hate their descendants, seeing them as "weak and ugly",[36] they are more likely to join the Horde.
? Vrykul are somewhat of a barbaric race, and would fit well with most of the Horde. They also have similar honor beliefs and culture like orcs.
? Many races of the horde may dislike the idea fo taller and stronger Humans
? Sylvanys their previous leaders, being the only legitimate Undead-Allied symbol (since the cult within Scholomance was destroyed)

Frost vrykul

"Be cool."

First seen in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
+ They have their own unique model.
+ Some frost vrykul like the Hyldnir are independent and in great need of help since the Scourge and giants are running rampant through their habitat.
Hyldnir are only females and hate males. That opinion would change beacause a non-male and mortal group will be extinction
+ They have their own unique architecture.
+ They have unique language, Vrykul.
- Most frost vrykul serve the Lich King, and are hostile to everyone else.
- They are "giants" or rather half-giants approximately twice as tall as humans. There are very few doors that giants can fit through in-game.
Join the Alliance?
? Humans descended from them, so that might give them reason to join the Alliance.
- The vrykul as a whole hate their descendants, seeing them as "weak and ugly".[36]
However, Are frost vrykul the same?


  • Previous suppositions about the Alliance new race for the Burning Crusade expansion can be found here.

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