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Innkeeper Renee Lauer is a level 30 innkeeper and general goods vendor located inside Gallows' End Tavern in Brill in the Forsaken starting zone Tirisfal Glades.

Renee used to be Captain Renee Lauer of the Scarlet Crusade, and tells the Captured Scarlet Zealot that her drive to wipe out the undead only got her and her family killed.[1]

In life, Renee was an experienced leader in the Scarlet Crusade, and a competent warrior. Her martial skill was such that she was able to instruct others. She quite happily used violence and murder against non-humans. However, in death she employs none of these skills and instead became an innkeeper, a profession that cares for others and provides shelter and sustanance to those that need it. This is in line with her stance that the senseless violence and extremes of the Scarlet Crusade only causes more violence, destruction and death. This caused her own demise, and she spends time trying to convince other Scarlet Crusaders to turn away from the organization. She has tried many times to do so, and while she expects that she will have to keep trying, she is determined to share her story for as long as it takes.

Renee could have likely become a commander in the Forsaken military if she wished. But having rejected the violence and death-dealing of the warrior, she chose to deal out life and comfort as an innkeeper.


She ends the quest H [5] A Rogue's Deal.

Memorable quotes

Renee: "Because my name is Renee Lauer. Stefan was my nephew. If anyone has grounds to speak out against the senselessness of violence... I do."

Captured Scarlet Zealot: "Or do you intend to starve me to death?"

Renee: "No... No. Certainly not. I'll see about getting you some fresh pumpkin."

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