Any class that has an ability to resurrect a dead player can be considered a Resurrecting Class.


There are 5 classes that can resurrect a dead player Paladins, Priests, Shamans, Warlocks, and Druids.


Paladins gain their resurrection spell Redemption from their level 12 paladin quest. Redemption can only be used out of combat and has a 10 second cast.


Priests gain the Resurrection spell at level 10 from a priest trainer and it is almost identical to the paladin resurrection spell.


Shamans have two forms of resurrection, Ancestral Spirit which is gained at level 12 and it works just like the redemption or resurrection but shamans have the ability to revive themselves with Reincarnation.


Shamans have the ability to resurrect themselves without the aid of any other players with this ability that can only be used once per hour.


Warlocks can put cast their spell Create Soulstone to create a soulstone which can store a soul inside it allowing them to revive themselves.


These can be placed on any party member by a warlock every 30 minutes giving that player the choice to resurrect themselves instead of releasing to the nearest graveyard.


Druids have rebirth, a resurrection spell that is different from all others because it can be cast while still in combat with a 2 second cast and using a reagent, but with a 30 minute cooldown time sometimes it can be difficult to know when to use it and who to use it on.

Other Resurrection

  • Classes with Pets can revive their own pets but nothing else
    • Hunters can revive their fallen pets with Revive pet
    • Warlocks can summon a new minion when theirs dies