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Rifleman concept art

Ironforge Rifleman.

The official dwarven rifleman action figure.

For the Warcraft III unit, see Rifleman (Warcraft III).

A rifleman's tactics are fairly basic; find a nice corner from which he can survey as much of the surrounding area without being spotted as possible, plot an escape route, and wait for his target to walk into his sights.[1]

Dwarven rifleman

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The brave dwarven riflemen have faithfully protected their mountain kingdom of Khaz Modan ever since the Battle of Grim Batol. Yet, as new threats arose to threaten their hard-won freedom, they offered their expert skills and tenacity to the Alliance. Using the legendary single-shot Blunderbuss Long Rifles, riflemen are excellent marksmen and can shoot both land based and airborne opponents.[2]

The dwarven rifleman is a native of the Ironforge clans who specializes in use of the long rifle. Typically, they use their climbing skills to work their way into a good vantage point, then rain death upon their enemy from above. Riflemen usually have long beards and wear blue, hooded cloaks. They carry a long rifle against their shoulder and scowls on their faces. Riflemen are dwarven sharpshooters.[1] Dwarven riflemen are the first ranged units available to the humans.

Pandaren rifleman

Warcraft RPG - may not be canon This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG, and thus unlikely to be canon.

Recently introduced to the pandaren are firearms, which are beginning to take a more important role in the way the pandaren wage war. While only a few of the shao'dins have rifle regiments, the pandaren have taken to the rifle like a dwarf to ale. Some pandaren riflemen even go so far as to travel abroad to learn the shooting techniques of other races, and bring the best techniques back to Pandaria. These riflemen mark a new evolution in the way the pandaren wage war, a change to traditions that most likely have not altered in millennia.[3]


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