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"Rogues Do it from Behind", the third song by Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, made its live debut on August 4, 2007 at the year's annual BlizzCon. The comedic song is about the prowess of the rogue class.


"Rogues Do it from Behind"

I love to one shot mages
I live to two shot priests
When I see ya, I'll PvP ya
Spanking newbs, that's my favorite cheese

Rogues do it in the darkness
Rogues do it where the sun don't shine
And with a little drop of poison
Rogues do it from behind

Gonna creep inside your backdoor

I wear Bloodfang leather
Bonescythe and Netherblade
Chop-chop the level 7 warlock
Gonna take him out with Perdition's Blade


Rogues do it from behind

Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Cheap Shot, Backstab
Slice and Dice, Ambush, Rupture, Blind
Sinister Strike, Eviscerate, Cheap Shot, Backstab
Gank you
Thank you
Now I outrank you!
With dagger, mace, and sword
We are Alliance or the mighty Horde!
Not your everyday type prankster
Call me Ice-T Original Gankster

You'll never hear me coming
When I creep across the floor
With deadly force,
You're dead, of course
Now I'm gonna camp your corpse


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