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Fenris Keep

Rot Hide gnolls, or Rothide gnolls[1], are withered creatures that, like many other creatures in northern Lordaeron, were unable to escape the Lich King's Plague. Now a number of them serve as undead minions to the Scourge.

Most of the gnolls are committed to looting corpses[2] for further resurrection by Scholomance Necromancers[citation needed]. They are located mostly around abandoned farms, forest deeps, and their main capital Fenris Keep on Fenris Isle, where they are led by Thule Ravenclaw. He leads the Rot Hide gnolls in their forays against the Forsaken, and crafted the Rot Hide Ichor through warlock and necromantic magic[3] that flows through their bodies.[4]

At first glance, this creature seems to be a common gnoll, but further inspection reveals that its withered skin stretches tightly over prominent bones, rotted flesh shows beneath its patchy fur, and its eyes glow dark red or yellow, and are rheumy and sick-looking.[1] Rot Hide gnolls combine the strength and aggression of regular gnolls, amplified by their undead status, with a lack of the cowardice that gnolls often exhibit. Rot Hide gnolls possess little intelligence and even less subtlety. They charge into battle, using their powerful attack to its fullest degree, and change targets at random.[5] No one seems to know where they came from. The Rothides and the Forsaken wage a constant guerilla war against each other.[1]




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It is unknown whether or not the Rot Hide gnolls were a tribe unto themselves or if "Rot Hide" is a template added to gnolls who become undead. It is possible that the Rot Hides are in fact Mudsnouts that have fallen to the Plague. The Mudsnouts seem to be the only tribe of gnolls native to Lordaeron, and the Plague would account for their low numbers. They are given life by [Embalming Ichor].