Ruins of Baa'ri

The Ruins of Baa'ri are located just northeast of the Hand of Gul'dan in central Shadowmoon Valley. They are populated by Broken and elekks in service to Illidan. Something to be noted is that the temple was originally the home of a supposed faction of draenei priests with close ties to the Temple of Karabor, the Priests of Baa'ri. Originally going to become a faction within itself, it would sell recipes, patterns, and actual equipment with a great deal of Holy Resistance. Though even now, only WoW-Europe has even found listing of them. One of their sold trinkets is as well sold by the Aldor priesthood, though it is unknown if this is just a coincidence or a sign that it may be part of Blizzard's infamous April Fools, in addition to the Tinfoil Hat and what might possibly be the Black Temple attunement. No sign has been seen of them yet, so as of now there is no verified proof.

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