Sarah Tanner is a level 50 artisan elemental leatherworking trainer located at her camp in the contested territory of Searing Gorge.

See List of Searing Gorge NPCs.


She gives the quest A [55] Elemental Leatherworking (Leatherworking).



  • As of patch 2.0.3. If you have unlearned your specialization, Sarah will tell you to first go see Narain Soothfancy in the Tanaris Desert, just north of the Steamwheedle Port. This is only necessary if you have learned any specialization before, and want to re-learn another one. Narain points you to the book on the table which will learn you either Dragonscale, Elemental or Tribal leatherworking.
  • You can also unlearn your Elemental specialization with Sarah, but it costs 100g.
  • This is where you go if you want Elemental Leatherworking, and have 225 skill, Artisan, and you are at least level 40.

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