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Saronite Vapors spawns about every 30 seconds during the encounter with General Vezax. It float around the room randomly. A total of eight of these creatures spawn during the fight (the eighth spawning after ca 4 minutes); beware that if you let all eight exist at the same time, Vezax' hard mode will initiate. The eight vapors will merge into the Saronite Animus.

When destroyed, the vapor leaves behind a green puddle on the ground. A player standing in this puddle will immediately gain a damage over time effect called:

Inv ore saronite 01.png  Saronite Vapors

which will increase its stack and tick every 2 seconds. Each tick of the debuff makes you take damage but also gain mana:

1 stack: 100 mana gained, 200 damage taken.
2 stacks: 200 mana gained, 400 damage taken.
3 stacks: 400 mana gained, 800 damage taken.
4 stacks: 800 mana gained, 1,600 damage taken.
5 stacks: 1,600 mana gained, 3,200 damage taken.
6 stacks: 3,200 mana gained, 6,400 damage taken.
7 stacks: 6,400 mana gained, 12,800 damage taken.
8 stacks: 12,800 mana gained, 25,600 damage taken.

Stacks theoretically up to 99 times.

The debuff can be compared to the Warlock's Life Tap, as it converts your health into mana.

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