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  • Scourgelord's Baton
  • Item Level 251
    Disenchants into:
    [Abyss Crystal]: 1-2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Held In Off-hand"Held In Off-hand" is not in the list (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, ...) of allowed values for the "Item slot" property.
  • +61 Stamina
    +61 Intellect
  • Requires level 80
  • Equip: Improves hit rating by 57.
    Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 47.
    Equip: Increases spell power by 94.
  • Sell Price: 7g 56s 23c
For the heroic version of this item see [Scourgelord's Baton].


This item drops from Lady Deathwhisper in the 10-man version of Icecrown Citadel.

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