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In the World of Warcraft, there are many scripted events. These events usually occur after completing a quest. Sometimes part of the quest-chain activates a scripted event. Some of the most basic scripted events are just a line or two of dialogue between you (the player) and an NPC. Some of the more complex Sscripted events involve two or more NPCs with voice renderings of what is being said. The majority of scripted events are usually "silent" events (dialogue between an NPC and you.

Simple scripted events

The most simple of scripted events occurs between the NPC (usually a quest giver/receiver) and you. For example:

After accepting the quest: Report to Goldshire (finale of the Kobold Camp Cleanup quest chain) you are given an item: [Marshal McBride's Documents] and a brief piece of dialogue is said by him:

"You are Dismissed, <name>."

More complex scripted events

Some of the more complex (and lengthy) scripted events happen in instances, usually occurring from mini-bosses to final bosses.

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