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Scrolls of Lore is a fansite which offers forums to discuss Warcraft and its lore. The site was created in 2005 and has since grown to over 1000 members from across the globe. Its members regularly attend such events as live chats, as with Christie Golden and Richard A. Knaak, or Omacron's attendance and interview at Blizzcon. The moderators function in the absence of the old administrators, and include Timolas, Cantus, Aldrius and Yuber8900. Nonetheless, Warlock maintains absolute control and Keithjr manages the technical upkeep of the site.

The site is divided into various sections. From the main page one can choose to survey a vast picture gallery accumulated over the years, including BETA shots and old Warcraft 3 icons that never made the cut. The forums offer opportunities to discuss anything whatsoever, and the atmosphere tends to host a homely feel when one is allowed to get to know everybody else, as the community is not extensively large or anonymous.

A fan fiction section is host to a myriad of stories, including tales of worgen by Kerrah or Gilneas by Timolas. Other tales include stories by Nephalim of the website Lunar Falls.

Scrolls of Lore is also where the hit podcast on WoW Radio "But Wait! There's Lore!" had its start with Pride, Omacron, and many other frequent Scrolls of Lore members got together to discuss their own crazy theories about the lore.

Medievaldragon often posts news regarding the Blizzard franchise.

Fridays are host to Warcraft 3 matches and custom maps by those in the community who still play the game.


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