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Rank Level Mana cost JoC Damage When Stunned
1 20 65 46-50 93-101
2 30 110 73-80 146-160
3 40 140 102-112 204-224
4 50 180 130-143 261-287
5 60 210 167-186 339-373

Spell Description

Gives the Paladin a chance to deal additional Holy damage equal to 70% of normal weapon damage. Only one Seal can be active on the Paladin at any one time. Lasts 30 sec.

Casting Judgement of Command will instantly cause Holy damage, more if the target is stunned or incapacitated.


Seal of Command is a talent in the Retribution tree, that requires 10 talent points invested in the tree to take it. You can apply Judgement of Command to your target if you use the spell Judgement while Seal of Command is active on you to deal Holy damage, which is increased when the enemy is stunned or incapacitated.

Seal of Command is considered a Magic buff, and can be Dispelled by Priests or Purged by Shaman.

Since Patch 1.11, Seal of Command proc will have an approximately 0.5 second delay before the animation begins and the Holy damage is incurred, instead of having the proc occur instantly with the swing of the attack. This is considered a good change, since if the normal swing crits and Vengeance is triggered, the Seal of Command proc will be affected by the buff.

Before Patch 1.9, Seal of Command had 5 ppm but dealt 100% of normal damage, and when Judged gave a debuff that incurred Holy damage on the enemy whenever they were stunned.


Seal of Command procs "per minute" (ppm), rather than per hit - it will proc an average of 7 times per minute. So you get the same amount of procs no matter your weapon speed, but a slower, high damage-per-strike weapon will do more Seal of Command damage per hit, on average, than a faster, low damage-per-strike weapon rated at the same DPS. Seal of Command's ppm-rate is the same through rank 1 to 5. The only difference that the ranks make is the damage of the Judgement.

Seal of Command receives 20% coefficient from normal +spell damage stats, and 29% from +holy damage stats (such as Judgement of the Crusader). Judgement of Command receives 43% coefficient from any +spell damage stats.

Unlike other spells, Seal of Command and Judgement of Command are considered physical hits, that does Holy damage. They both use melee crit and hit stats instead of spell crit or hit, and when they crit the damage will be multiplied by two. However like other physical attacks, Seal of Command can miss, or be dodged, parried, or blocked. Judgement of Command can only be resisted.

Seal of Command can only proc from the first attack on a Reckoning bombing.


Although unreliable due to the fact that it's based on ppm, Seal of Command is most Paladins' choice of seal to DPS with, thanks to the burst damage it can provide, and the many situations in which enemies are stunned (usually in PvP) and can increase the damage from Judgement of Command. Seal of Command is also the only seal that scales with weapon quality and stats (e.g. Attack Power).

Seal of Command is typically used with slow, hard-hitting two-handers, although some uses with certain one-handers isn't too uncommon, just slightly less reliable.

Weapon speed and proc rate for Seal of Command

14 AP = 1 dps Damage Per Hit = dps * Weapon Speed Total Damage = ( AP / 14 ) * Weapon Speed

This caused some weapons to be faar better than intended (Arcanite Reaper) and others far worse (Destiny). They added a normalized weapon speed (I believe 1.8 for daggers, 2.5 for swords, 3.3 for 2h) so that fast, high dps weapons weren't outdone by slow, low dps weapons merely because of speed. Seal of Command (and WindFury) were not normalized, and retain their weapon speed.

SoC is normalized on proccing about 7 times per minute. This means that you get more out of it with a high top end damage weapon (each extra swing will mean more). As a side effect, is also makes it more reliable, as the slower the weapon, the higher the chance to proc (but still only about 7 times per minute). THe formula for SoC proc chance is:

7 / ( 60 / Weapon Speed )

So a 2.0 speed weapon would proc 23.33% of the time [ 7 / (60 / 2) ]. A 3.0 speed weapon would proc 35% of the time [ 7 / (60 / 3) ]. The nice slow 3.8 speeds have a ~44% chance to proc [ 7 / (60 / 3.8) ].

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