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Not to be confused with Far seer.

Seers are usually someone with the ability to predict the future or see things hidden from mundane eyes, like a clairvoyant or a prophet.


The three most powerful healers in a tauren tribe support the chief, the most powerful of whom takes the title seer. A chief generally consults his seer and her two contemporaries before making a decision, but this consultation is not required.

Note: In the tauren tribes, seer is a genderless title.[1] (HPG 149)


Nerubian Seers have a valued place in nerubian society. They are the counselors and mages of the spiderfolk. The Scourge destroyed Azjol-Nerub's libraries, leaving the nerubians with whatever few bits and pieces the seers could carry off. They are interested in returning to the ruins to recover all that they can. Once skilled in architecture, accounting, law and other esoteric disciplines, the demands of life now require most seers to focus on magic to protect their communities. A seer often uses bits of webbing attached to its abdomen to hold spell components.

They are the intellectual backbone of the community. They are a tightly knit sub-community of arcanists who are obsessed with preserving lore and rebuilding their lost libraries. The boldest seers are also explorers, risking the undead plague to venture into ruins and find fragments of lost knowledge. They understand the outside world better than other nerubians, and make the best diplomats.

Workers who show mental talents become seers. Seers reach almost 15 feet in height and 13 feet in diameter.[2][3]


Types of Seers

Crystal satyr

Forest Troll

Ice Troll

Lost One







  • Dragonflayer Seer

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