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Listed are all notable world drop, instance drop and raid drop Tailoring recipes with the idea that reputation reward recipes will be easy to find.

Epic Quality Patterns

Patern AllianceAlliance HordeHorde

Battlecast Hood

Phearage, Kaizersoze, Andromeda, Litakat

Tristfal, Nookah, Dripps, Shadowseige, Bael

Battlecast Pants

Holysphere, Mundungu, Isenheart, Cellaris, Litakat

Tristfal, Amentria, Tait

Black Belt of Knowledge

Amentria, Tristfal, Shadowseige, Bael

Girdle of Ruination

Tarolynn, Litakat

Golden Spellthread

Litakat, Michy, Echoica, Stabbyslock


Manaweave Cloak

Mundungu, Aesculpius, Phearage, Bael

Resolute Cape


Shadowseige, Tait

Soulcloth Shoulders

Michy, Litakat


Soulcloth Vest

Tarolynn, Aryabretheon, Michy, Cellaris

Spellstrike Hood

Tarolynn, Areaeffected, Vashin, Taciturnity, Afenthrawn, Andii, Trollz, Michy, Cellaris, Isenheart, Litakat

Amentria, Dripps, Tristfal

Spellstrike Pants

Tarolynn, Mideon, Mundungu,, Kavadh, Firebreaker, Michy, Batatafrita, Isenheart, Ressei

SaladFork, Tait, Vispenlecrow, Bael

Unyielding Gridle

Tarolynn, Mideon, Mundungu, Cellaris, Michy, Litakat


Vengeance Wrap

Mideon, Mundungu, Liliac, Litakat

Tristfal, Tait

Whitemend Hood

Kaizersoze, Taciturnity, Cellaris, Litakat


Whitemend Pants

Mideon, Mundungu, Litakat, Isenheart

Tait, Nookah , clypsadatrol, Bael

Runic Spellthread

Tarolynn, Michy, Cellaris, Serpigo

Dripps, Tristfal, Bael

Rare Quality Patterns

Pattern AllianceAlliance HordeHorde

Blackstrike Bracers

Mundungu, Cellaris

Bracers of Havok

Mundungu, Burninatress, Cellaris, Echoica, Serpigo


Cloak of Eternity

Mundungu, Cukoobananas, Stabbyslock, Litakat


Cloak of the Black Void

Tarolynn, Mundungu, Burninatress, Stabbyslock, Litakat, Cellaris, Serpigo

Decessus, Dripps, Tristfal

Cloak of Fire

Litakat, Stabbyslock


Core Felcloth Bag

Tarolynn, Stabbyslock, Cellaris

Ebon Shadowbag

Tarolynn, Gormley, Mundungu, Areaeffected, Aesculpius, Cukoobananas, Cellaris, Isenheart, Stabbyslock, Serpigo, Litakat

Tristfal,Vispenlecrow, Shadowseige

Primal Mooncloth Bag

Tarolynn, Durandlock, Chickenz, Adecia, Mundungu, Aesculpius,Cukoobananas, Litakat, Isenheart, Stabbyslock, Cellaris, Serpigo

Tristfal,Vispenlecrow, Shadowseige, Bael

Spellfire Bag

Tarolynn, Mundungu, Aesculpius, Isenheart, Michy, Stabbyslock, Cellaris, Serpigo, Litakat

Tristfal,Vispenlecrow, Shadowseige

Unyielding Bracers

Tarolynn, Mundungu, Echoica, Cellaris, Litakat


White Remedy Cape

Cellaris, Stabbyslock, Litakat, Serpigo


Uncommon Quality Patterns

Pattern AllianceAlliance HordeHorde

Arcanoweave Boots

Tarolynn, Holysphere, Kavadh, Mundungu, Areaeffected, Batatafrita, Stabbyslock, Zephyrcloud

Amentria, Dripps, SaladFork, Shadowseige

Arcanoweave Bracers

Tarolynn, Holysphere, Kavadh, Mundungu, Areaeffected, Batatafrita, Litakat

Amentria, Dripps, Tristfal, Shadowseige

Arcanoweave Robe

Tarolynn, Holysphere, Mundungu, Areaeffected, Litakat, Gihelle

Amentria, Dripps, SaladFork, Tristfal, Vispenlecrow, Shadowseige

Reputation/Difficult Quality Patterns

Pattern AllianceAlliance HordeHorde

Bag of Jewels

Tarolynn, Stabbyslock, Litakat


Cloak of Arcane Evasion

Tarolynn, Litakat, Stabbyslock, Zephyrcloud, Serpigo


Satchel of Cenarius

Tarolynn, Michy, Serpigo, Litakat

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