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Agamaggan Europe (PvP)

Since the opening of the Spanish Realms, most of the Spanish population have left Agamaggan. While this was a blessing to all the non-Spanish players, it left the server a tad empty. Since then a lot of new people have joined the server and we can say that our population can be stated as "Medium".

Official Agamaggan realm forum

Background and Server History

At the time of release, Agamaggan was one of the furthest realms in terms of progression, however, a migration to Kor'gall soon absorbed all of the top guilds. At this time, Agamaggan was one of the unofficial Spanish realms. This meant that well over 50% of the population was Spanish, causing large rifts between players on what the server's language was. New, key players began populating and personalizing the forums in this time. This was the second wave. Gradually, English speakers and Spanish speakers managed to reach a compromise and the arguments ceased. People began to get Agamaggan back onto its feet, having fun along the way. Agamaggan was hit by another migration in early 2006, yet many guilds chose not to migrate (third wave). People now prefer it on Agamaggan and some members who previously transferred away have moved back. Agamaggan is moving away from its third wave of migrations into the fourth wave, with the arrival of BG and new guilds appearing, and other members transferring back.

In July 2007, free migration was opened to Agamaggan due to the very low population. Many people and guilds from many random realms (Notably Shadowmoon) have transferred over recently, and in the process also helped the Alliance/Horde ratio balance out. This now being the home of the infamous Horde bounty hunter Stormragê and his friends. Although the progress is still nothing compared to most servers guilds like Alius Orbis and Nal Ra are progressing fast.

Guild Listing

Alliance Alliance »

Nal Ra [N/A Web] Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
Red Army Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
TheLegendary [N/A Web] Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
CenturionS Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
Nordic Crüe Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory

Horde Horde »

Alius Orbis Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
The Noble Europeans Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
Kawhoom Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
Sons of Liches Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
The Brotherhood of Steel Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory

There are many more guilds and I might have forgotten some big raiding guilds.

Random Blurbs


Ye, well everybody loves Chocolate!!

Geckothan has commited a WOWPRISON OFFENCE!11 RULEBREAK ALERT!11 - Xenarios

Xenarios has commited a WOWPRISON OFFENCE!11 RULEBREAK ALERT!11 - Geckothan

Mnemica - ex-KIA lvl70 warlock, now back leveling a blood elf rogue called riot on agamaggan

We all love Tyst and his alt Zooca (look I can bold and make italics!)

But we all think Ewin should be president and his Zorena and Bladesolo and the legendary dragon slayer Barimathras will all hold legendary positions in office. Unfortunately they would not be good presidents as I made them smoke too many mushrooms on Emeriss, causing forum drama and people acting like reta--- I mean mentally challenged people.

Azza is well known for his skill with a riding crop, be careful.

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