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Player versus Player

The PvP History in Al'Akir is rather colourful. During the virgin months of Al'Akir, when it already displayed foreboding signs of instability, unwary players experienced frequent moments of (Alliance) terror courtesy of SotG rogue Bladespinner, the once sinister <East Dragon> and the dubiously named <dragonkiller from forest>. At one point, one of the leading Horde guilds in the early days, Karma, hosted an in-guild skirmish on the Gurubashi Arena, eventually more or less unexpectedly featuring a bonusfight of sorts between Karma's Heimdal (undead priest) and the unflagging Bladespinner. The epic matchup resulted in victory, nay utterly crushing and humiliating domination by Heimdal who caused brows to rise and jaws to drop with his masterful use of the underrated Cannibalize and furious wanding. With that fight, Bladespinner's heyday had come to a bitter end and he soon disappeared to realms unknown.

Later outdoor pvp bloomed at Tarren Mill. With the introduction of Alterac Valley, Hillsbrad Foothills became nigh impossible for levelling due to intense outdoor facemelting.

Upon the introduction of the honor system the first to gain the then much coveted fourteenth rank were Lylz the shaman of DarkStorm on Horde side and Lora the rogue of East Dragon representing Alliance, both achieving the feat on the same week.

On the release of crossrealm battlegrounds Al'Akir teams quickly made a name for themselves for being specialized in graveyard camping. Amongst the early teams the most notable was the Bad Karma team, followed by the twink league of <e peen> - both of which never received any losses during their one month existence.

Al'Akir is also notable in housing some of the most famous PvP movie makers in WoW. Notable: Azgaz, Grim, Jungle, Marukoer, Mastatrigga, Zalgradis.

  • Marukoer
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