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For the night elf organization, see Moon Guard.

Moon Guard is a role playing server with approximately 500,000[citation needed] players. As of July 2016, Moon Guard continues to be the most populated RP server and is largely 65% Alliance and 35% Horde, according to RealmPop, with peak times reaching approximately 5000 players. The number of people online begins to rise at 12:00 RT (RT = Realm Time), with both factions peaking at 20:00 RT on Horde and 21:00 RT for Alliance. The lowest population is at 6:00 - 7:00 RT for both. All races are popular. Death knights, druids, and paladins are the most plentiful classes on the server, while Warlocks are the least played class on the server (though you can still find plenty and in fact all classes are popular as Moon Guard is the most populous RP server). While there are plenty of people who do not RP on Moon Guard, casual RP can still be found in many of the main cities of both factions.

Moon Guard's players are a part of battlegroup Emberstorm.


  • Moon Guard is known as having a highly active roleplaying community heavy on the lore of the game on both the horde and alliance factions and is calculated to have the most RP, with the server Wyrmrest Accord coming in second as having the second most RP. It has been famous as a haven for roleplayers who are mainly interested in WoW for RP first and the other aspects of the game secondly if at all, especially prior to 2010. As of 2012, the community is being actively revived by dedicated moon guardians and is becoming a haven once more.
  • In general, Alliance tends to be more RP-oriented, though true and good RP exists on Horde as well. Many Roleplaying Guilds focus on the roleplay of specific races, RP-pvp-pve, storyline RP, forum RP (MG tends to have an active forum-using community for RP organizing and more), combinations, and  more.
  • The district known as Goldshire, however, is infamous for having the largest ERP community around.



An updated listing of current Moon Guard Guilds can be found on the Moon Guard Realm Forum


  • Keleos Soran is a heroic raiding guild.
  • Elysium is a draenei-focused guild centralized on Velen’s prophecy regarding the army of light. Join us and help build Velen’s dream of a united Azeroth! We offer a friendly guild environment and PVP/PVE and more! Applicants can find more information on the website above. We've been RPing Draenei since 2007!
  • <Shadows of Argus> is a a Draenei-focused RP-PVP guild, based out of the Exodar. <Shadows> is, in part, an intelligence service and covert ops organization operating in support of the Hand of Argus. More than this, though, it is an order of Draenei who are perhaps more practical-minded than some of their kin when it comes to doing what they think needs to be done to further the interests of their people. This includes working with character classes and personality types that other Draenei might not choose to associate with. It also means they're willing to use less-tasteful methods of getting the job done, when necessary.
  • <Fellowship> is a guild founded near the end of July, 2012. Its purpose is to provide an environment similar to that of the original World of Warcraft society. While small, this guild gives players the opportunity to enjoy all of the original World of Warcraft game play styles and characteristics at any given time with its friendly membership and helpful officers. Three Governors lead and provide for the paths players might take for their game play - PvE, PvP, and RP.
  • <House Wintercaste> A secretive chaotic neutral role play guild based on the leader Arsheron Wintercaste's claimed heritage to noble birth. Known to players for its criminal activities they exploit the traffic of various races to fund more hidden agendas, they only accept members who pass their initial application screening and who are of twenty years of age or older. They also host various RP and RP-PVP events with members of Horde side guilds and assist other guilds through promotion and campaign recruitment on the Moon Guard forums.
  • [1] We are a druid guild comprising mainly kaldorei but worgen as well. Night elf and druid worgen both welcome. We are RP and have a good time. Join us today! All we require from you is that you have a desire to RP, RP sometimes if not a lot of time time when you're online, try to bring some more RP to Darnassus, and be a respectful, polite player. No ERP (if you want to make an much as we frown on Goldshire...but not while you're on as a guild member!) ICly we are a group of close friends and members of the Cenarion Circle who seek to restore balance to the world. None of us are "bad guys", all of us are good, nice people ICly (and in real life, too- or so we'd hope!). :) See the roster and contact any of us, particular our GL; you'll likely be given a high rank as the guild is still new and moving up! We are really only RP, not focused on anything else much, though of course you're free to do stuff like PvP and PvE on your own- we do tend to do some questing together. Join <Cenarion Guardians> today!
  • The Bearers of Light A mature, family-oriented roleplaying guild devoted to Benevolence and Charity.
  • [[2]] Fandu-dath-belore? <Order of Malorne> is a Heavy RP guild that has been around since 2010, based on Moon Guard-US Alliance, and focusing on Kaldorei and Druid lore. We are currently accepting applications from Night Elf players of all classes except death knight (no death knights under any circumstance) level 20 or higher and with all types of roleplaying experience. Though experienced role players are preferred, we enjoy helping newer roleplayers learn their lore and develop their characters. We are a fun-loving community seeking likeminded roleplayers to join us. Please visit our website to register and read our forums, guild lore, rules, guidelines, and to fill out an application. We are kind of a "hardcore" role playing guild in that we expect all members to be active on the website, attend a minimum of 1 guild event per week, and actively participate in RP consistently. We don't allow ERP and only 2 characters within the guild- so 1 main, and if you wish, 1 alt. Contact Lissalli (grand druidess, GL) or Arikh (high druid, second-in-command) in-game and RP with us and other members in-game before applying. Start learning as much kaldorei lore and culture as possible (and lore in general). Our members use that Darnassian language button and /g chat is all OOC so that we encourage more in-person face-to-face RP. We are more of a community of friends and like-minded hippies than anything and though we have a structure of command, we are far from a military organization. Hope you have a wonderful day (er, night...we children of the stars tend to sleep during the day of course! :D Haha, we're often on during the day as well- most active times are in the evenings, about 5-12 server time). Ande'thoras-ethil.
  • Celtic Charisma A casual guild (18+) that focuses on everything the game has to offer. We raid, PvP, go for achievements, and generally enjoy each other. If you'd like to become a piece of the Celtic team feel free to message Teon or Peachs within the game. Happy Hunting!
  • DarkLegacy We're a rather miniscule raiding guild focusing on expanding and clearing bigger content.
  • Driven is a guild of mature (18 and older) casual raiders. We're not out to get "server firsts" or be the most hard core guild on the server, but we do enjoy raiding and having a good time in a stress free environment. All friendly and mature people are welcome to join. Visit the web site to learn more or apply for membership in the guild.
  • Deeprun Thieves Network, a server renown thieves' network known for great roleplaying and ruthless cruelty. Little is known about them from the outside.
  • Exaltis A fun-loving, fair-minded and highly organized community of roleplayers who love to raid. Laid-back, mostly professional adults in their twenties and thirties, Exaltis is known to support Moon Guard's RP community and inspire sportsmanship among competing raiding guilds for the glory of the entire Alliance. Since November 2007, the guild's RP story has been to lead an investigative expedition to Northrend. (Medium RP/Heavy PvE/Medium PvP).
  • The Fifth Batallion is a newly formed RP PvP and Raiding guild. We roleplay as military for the alliance. We have a base in Southshore. It's the Town Hall. We recruit in the Town Hall. We did a name change to prevent being considered godmodders.
  • Flaerens RP service is a great guild that has friendly people in it if you are looking for RP ask any of the RP masters of the guild and we shall get one started!
  • Four Winds Traders are dedicated merchants that have united together to sell their goods around the world in a fair and respectful atmosphere. Each Merchant has a business of their own and is not subject to limiting themselves to set inventory or sales ideas. Your ship has arrived! Jump aboard and begin a new adventure with the Four Winds Traders. Send Mail to our Guildmistress Kyuress in game to Petition our Guild.
  • The Guardian Alliance. A heavy RP guild that is Stationed in the Nethergarde Keep as Guardians to the Kirin Tor's establishment and populace.Founded by the late Highlord Bolvar Fordragon,the Guardians are dispatched to scenes of conflict that hold the interest of Stormwind and her governing authorities. (( Enjoy a friendly environment of Respect & Honor. All levels welcome to join in on the fun and adventure that awaits. Please bring your manners with you as The Guardian Alliance seeks mature dedicated Roleplay and a learned or willing to learn PvE populace.))
  • Kismet Kismet’s presence on Moon Guard is to offer a place for those who believe that their own actions have a profound impact on their life and those around them. Each member believes that no matter how insignificant the action might be, it affects the path his or her life takes. This shared belief provides the basis with how each member lives their day. There are far too many on both sides, the Alliance and the Horde, that have forgotten the basics of humanity and only live for greed and selfish acts. They have all but forgotten the concepts that brought peace in Azeroth many moons ago. Kismet will remind those how even our smallest action can have cause ramifications for years. We question those who believe that war and destruction is the only recourse left. We will bring retribution to those who show little regard for humanity, be they Horde or Alliance.
  • The Knights of The Hand Heavy RP Guild, fair numbers with strict principles. Stationed in outposts throughout Northrend to carve the path deeper into the Frozen Throne. []
  • Kul Tiras Marine CorpsA new military guild, We are marines who protect the kingdom of Kul Tiras, New allies are won, and old enemies are hunted down wherever they may hide,If pass the test to become a marine you will meet your destiny among the best soldiers on the face of Azeroth. However, there is no guarantee that you will pass our rigorous expectations.
  • The Mountain Guard. Heavy roleplaying guild with high standards, Dwarves only. Many of our roleplaying events combine PvP. We raid about once a week, and often help low levels, and are one of the leading Ironforge roleplaying guilds.
  • Order of the Red Dagger A New guild lead by lord Adrilin Dracos, and His trusted. They Searve one purpose. To protect the Red Dragonflight, at all cost. The Order of the Red Dagger is a Medium Rp guild, in that we dont require for you to attend Rp events, unless Absolutely nesscary as per the guild storyline
  • Order of VII, aka 'Order of the Seven Sins', is a heavy chaotic-evil role-play guild focused on quality characters and storytelling with active players and regular scheduled role play events. Established in 2007, the guild is established with active and dedicated members whom help out fellow role players new and old and are dedicated to storyline development.
  • The Pirates of Khaz Modan AHOY MATEY! "We're a casual RP guild that takes a laid-back, pressure-free, and fun stance on the game of World of Warcraft. We take an open approach to Role-Playing, and while characters in the guild are technically part of a pirate crew, we use that more as a backdrop for the RP rather than a standard-setter." as written by Dloin Stonehammer. ***All Races / Classes are acceptable. Minimum Level = 15 (65 for Death Knights). Weekly Events, typically at 7pm Server Time Thursdays.***
  • [Red Royal Trading] A guild that encompasses a large variety of aspects. We have RP'ers, we have raiders, we have PvP'ers, we have GHI scripters, and we have some people that are just plain crazy! Very laid back our motto is "If you're not having fun don't do it."
  • [Regnum Caelestis] An Exalted Order of Knights, redeemed legionnaires, and in-betweens that serve to protect any plane of existence that is under the assault of any demonic army, the scourge, or oppression of freedom. The guild ranges from travelers to esoteric masters.
  • Remnants of Argus A Heavy RP guild in World of Warcraft on the Moon Guard server. They are primarily a Draenei guild, but make exceptions for outstanding candidates. Their philosophy and goal is to uphold and spread the Draenic culture throughout Azeroth, as well as learning more about their new home planet and the wonders it holds, as well as defending it, if need be.
  • Remorse Is an order founded by three death knights, one specialized in Unholy, one in Frost, and the other in Blood, they saw through the Lich King's lies. And broke off from him. They felt sorrow and remorse for the thousands of lives they had stolen and destroyed, They vowed to put an end to him.
  • [3] Ready for some true, traditional, lore-adhering, heavy military-style Kaldorei role play? Visit the website for more information and to see who to contact and join <The Moonblade> today! We are now considering ourselves an RPPVP guild as we do much PVP as well as RP. Kaldorei-only, no death knights, serious RP. We've been around over a year. Tor ilisar'thera'nal!
  • Severance A serious and mature, yet casual raiding guild. We are the Great Divide. We are Severance.
  • The G'damn Stonemasons - A group of raiders founded on the idea that raiding should be fun. We one-shot bosses and wipe on trash. Our raid is 105% sexy according to mathematical calculations. We teabag. We swear. We get things our own way; with style.
  • Theoretical Novelty is a group of friends and allies linked through a common desire to seek out adventure and see evil defeated. When they take on tasks that they can't handle on their own, they call on each other and seek out like-minded individuals who can assist in getting the job done, no matter what the task at hand might be. They are a diverse group that has stuck together because they are an effective group, despite their differences. They are a group with many little stories that make up a larger story of their mutual adventures. ((Theoretical Novelty is a 10 man raiding and light RP guild, a small but close-knit group of people who are skilled at their classes and perform well in raids, but are relaxed enough to enjoy it as well.))
  • Thousand Blade Cadre is a long-running and active Lawful Evil-aligned RP-PvP guild. Known for integrating custom .MPQ files into downloadable guild "content patches" and hosting large server events. Was one of two hosts for the largest event in Moon Guard history, "The Battle of Darnassus". The military order is lead by Aphel in securing the eradication or eviction of the Horde races for a better future for Azeroth.
  • Tinker Town Special Ops (TTSO) An exclusively gnomish guild dedicated to the protection of Tinker Town and Ironforge and the restoration of Gnomeregan. TTSO engages in active defense of Ironforge and all gnomish bases and townships. The unit also pursues counter-insurgency operations in all parts of Azeroth and The Outlands. TTSO also conducts frequent preparatory work for the re-conquest of Gnomeregan including, enemy population survey, enemy population reduction, supply caching, anti-personnel installations, and sample acquisition for gnomish research and engineering. This elite combat unit is comprised mainly of rogues with a small support unit of warriors and two tactical advisors- one mage and one warlock. Due to the overwhelming need for a healing class, TTSO also recruits dwarf priests as combat medics from time to time and on a very limited basis. TTSO has training requirements for rank promotions that often involve infiltration and assassination in Horde outposts (PvP).
  • Veritas "Lux et Veritas" - A close-knit and secretive adventuring society of varied backgrounds who search out knowledge and adventure. Their symbol is the flame, that which illuminates the way into the darkest reaches and reveals what might otherwise be hidden in the shadows. RP progression-focused guild, in-character guild chat, helpful and mature members with weekly PvE raids and biweekly role-playing events.
  • Werewolf is the in game guild segment of the still in early development RP sub-community "Werewolf: The Cataclysm" based loosely on Werewolf: The Forsaken table top RPG created by White Wolf Inc for the purpose of Worgen oriented RP. In game they are currently not recruiting until after the Cataclysm expansion launches but the website will be accepting applicants soon for on site role play.
  • House of Grey - Heavy rp mercenary guild that takes contracts from other organizations or wealthy individuals and carries them out. Espionage, infiltration, assassination, that's us, just pay us and let us do our job.
  • {alliance icon} (Pack of Wolves) is a friendly druid guild we like to rp in the park a friendly guild if your a druid we will like you to be in our guild but in cata we will let worgen of all classes in the guild.


  • Ascension - Heavy PvE-Progression/Casual RP and PvP.
  • Anasazi - Heavy PvE-Progression/Casual RP and PvP.
  • Banepaw Fellowship - Heavy RP guild; accepts all races of the Horde. Renown for weekly RP events.
  • Bloodied Blade Clan - Heavy RP/Jack-of-all-trades clan-guild. Old-Horde based, strong background in correct lore, evil-based. No BE's, and only accepts good, experienced RP'ers. A hostile clan within the Horde, recruiting those who do not want 'peace', and want war/battle. See site for details.
  • Burning Tusk Tribe - Mature Heavy RP/Med. PVE/PVP guild focussed on arming themselves to fight for a new home, free from Thrall's rules. Dedicated to respecting the history and culture of the horde races. Created Nov. 2006 on Blackwater Raiders, starting on Moon Guard in May 2008.
  • Casually Addicted- Casual raid/pvp/leveling. Core member base is made up of competitive end-game raiders with time constraints. Mature, skillful, and respected guild formed June 2008. Well known for its metrosexual guild leader Linanus and the famous futa Tuxxie.
  • Children of Eternity - video - Medium RP guild working on casual raiding. They take pride in their easy-going, low drama atmosphere. One of the oldest on the realm, created March 8, 2007. "Balance, in all things."
  • Clockwork - Casual, Fun-loving Raiding Guild.
  • Couriers of Compassion - 90% RP, 7% PvP, 3% Raiding. No fillers, no substitutions.
  • Crimson Order- Medium to heavy RP, have been around since the launch of the server and has recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Often known for their odd members and spontaneous ideas.
  • Crimson Marauders- A heavy RP pirate themed guild, Crimson Marauders was started on The Scryers RP realm. It was later moved to Moon Guard. Open to all races of the Horde.
  • [Dark Arts Mercenaries] - A leveling/RP guild designed around the concept of the shadowy loyalists. Lead by Jadosh Cinderhaze and Craize Vermillion, motivation of revenge and general anarchy plays heavily in their acts. Though small time, they seem to be seeking a stronger hold on the economy and social aspects of Azeroth.
  • Dark Market - Is a Heavy RP guild involved in illegal and sinister activity in Silver Moon City. Can currently be found around Silver Moon City posing as an innocent spice trading company. Very exclusive membership guidelines.
  • Dawning Vigil - Formerly known as The Dawnspire Academy, The Dawning Vigil is an elite core of souls dedicated to the protection and preservation of individual freedom, principles, and choice. The Dawning Vigil is a Heavy RP/Raid guild that provides a close-knit, friendly, and casual environment for raiders and roleplayers alike. The guild is focused on providing a balance of endgame/PvE content and roleplay.
  • Divine Conclave - "The Morning Raiding Guild" Heavy PvE, Casual RP/PvP. An active Morning Progression Guild of which is filled with those who work at night, live on the other side of the world, or just prefer morning raid times. All is welcomed to join the Conclave!
  • Enigma - A Medium to Heavy RP guild created to cater to Oceanic/Late Night RPers. (Active Times 1am - 7am Server Time)
  • Epoch Veil - End-game guild focused on providing a fun environment in which to progress through all of the raid content currently available.
  • Final Lament - A small Medium to Heavy RP guild focused on social and political intrigue. Beginner to advanced RPers welcome.
  • [Guardians of Destiny] - Heavy RP - Med PvP - Casual raiding still in formation.
  • Hall of Reckoning - Heavy RP & PvE Guild. Dedicated to high quality and deeply entwined stories that are rooted into the lore of Warcraft as well as a welcoming atmosphere. Unique structure, scheduled events, leveling and profession assistance, and end-game intentions.
  • The Hand of Vengeance- Heavy RP Forsaken Apothecary themed guild. Accepts all levels and classes!
  • House Silvacce - Heavy RP guild with a small, friendly community. We have been around since the release of TBC, and were one of the first Blood Elf House guilds. Accepting all classes and races if you can provide an RP reason to join. OOC guild chat with IC RP channel, entering the raiding scene.
  • House Vermillion - Heavy RP beginning the transition from a leveling environment to raiding and end-game instances.
  • Iron Dragon - Heavy PvE-Progression/Casual RP and PvP.
  • KiithSa Familiars - Dark RP and PvP.
  • Kiss of the Betrayer - KotB is a heavy roleplaying guild dedicated to spreading the Light throughout the Horde. KotB Wiki Page
  • Knights of the Last Dawn - Small relaxed Raid, PvP, and Light RP guild.
  • Megabucks Trading Co. - Heavy Goblin Roleplay. This guild is the largest recognized corner for Goblin and Cartel themed roleplay with a mix of PVP. It participates with small and large scale server events. It accepts other races beyond Goblins and has 5 distinct divisions of roleplay for RPers to enjoy and is considered to be friendly and outgoing.
  • Order of the Phoenix - Medium to Heavy RP Guild / Level-at-your-pace and family atmosphere.
  • Order of Twilight - Relatively new guild consisting of several close-knit friends, casual and easy-going.
  • Oshu'Narash - Heavy RP Guild focused on both PvP and PvE events in a welcoming yet experienced atmosphere.
  • Preachers of Decay - Heavy Role Play. This is an order of mad preachers and zealots dedicated to the Lord of Decay, Disease and Pestilence, Yogg-Saron. Their enemies are the Alliance, the Horde, and the Scourge. Their mission is that the whole world perishes in flames.
  • Project Mayhem - Small, close-knit Raiding Guild.
  • Riders on the Storm - Casual and close knit family guild. One of the original guilds at the launch of the server.
  • Sanctum Patria - Raiding Guild, mature and friendly but also knows how to have a good time. One of the original guilds on the server.
  • Semper Fi - Med RP/Party and fun guild.
  • Shards of Fate - Medium RP, Close-knit Helpful and Mature guild. Regular guild events and instance runs.
  • Shroud - Medium RP, PvP and PvE.
  • Sin Light RP, We kill giants here.
  • soif de sang - Medium RP, and Raiding.
  • Stormblade Clan - Small / Medium sized guild. Tightly knit enjoying light RP and moderate amounts of raiding and PvPing.
  • Stormrock Clan - Heavy RP shamanistic orc clan. Only accepts orcs, trolls and tauren over lv 20. All classes welcome. Mature, friendly & laid-back environment.
  • Strictly Business - All about goblins! This goblin-RP guild established at Cataclysm launch in Kezan welcomes fellow lovers of explosions seeking a goblin-enriched immersive and social experience whether new or experienced in RP, goblin-curious or veteran Horde, and longer-term residents of Moon Guard as well as newcomers seeking out the rich RP environment of Moon Guard. In-game contacts: Seaforia, Gobbit, Zeegolix, Metzkee, Madhattan.
  • The Sunguard - A Very Active,Well Established and Mature Heavy RP/PvP guild. Weekly Events. Arena, World PvP, Bg's and tons of Role-Playing events. Evolving Storyboards. Apply Online at website.
  • The Coalition - A guild built up of multiple factions. It's heavily RP based but is picky on who they recruit.
  • The Earthwalkers - Medium to Heavy RP Guild, mature and friendly.
  • Vigris - A very mature and focused end game raiding guild. Full of established veteran players with common goals and like minded individuals. Weekly raids, active and deep bank vault. It is the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie that infuses this group. Application online to join.
  • The Kor'kron Legion - A heavy RP-PvP guild focusing on the defense of Horde lands against the Alliance in the wake of King Varian Wrynn's declaration of war.
  • The Soulbound - A Moon Guard rock band.
  • Thunderhoof Tribe - Medium to Heavy RP guild, mature and friendly. Restricted membership.
  • Torment - End-Game raiding guild.
  • Tribal instincts - Medium-to-heavy rp, Light pve, mature, friendly, a tribal group for those who do not fit in, lead by Kujali,
  • Tuar Annwn- Medium RP, raiding, best known for organizing seasonal balls with the help of Veritas.
  • Veldbarad Bornevalesh - Heavy RP, Medium PvP, Soon-to-be-Medium-But-Currently-Light PvE, with an emphasis on enjoying the game.
  • Truth of the Nine - Friendly,helpful and mature guild that help people that ask for it.
  • House Whitefall - Medium Multi racial guild. It is set up on the premise of a collection of persons working under one banner for the betterment of the Horde.


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