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Sporeggar Europe is the newest European RP-PvP realm around. It started just before the release of the Burning Crusade. Many guilds of other servers moved to this one to experience renewed RP and build a vast and steady community.

As a smaller realm with a strong sense of community, roleplay is faring fairly well on Sporeggar. It is most prevalent amongst the Horde, where several dedicated guilds and other groups strive to encourage and bring structure to RP on the realm - organizing regular events as well as spontaneous RP. Being an RP-PvP realm, RP-PvP events have been popular in the past with a few successful themed battles taking place between the Alliance and the Horde. RP events are fairly well frequented, and most players are fairly respectful of RP even if they do not choose to participate.

Both factions currently have several guilds with fair Hard-mode raiding progress, and more casual normal-mode focused guilds are fairly abundant. It should be mentioned that Sporeggar's low population means there is a small pool of raiders to draw from, meaning that most guilds are in a constant state of recruitment to make up for player turnover. Aside from guild-focused Raiding, Pick-up Group culture is thriving on Sporeggar, with most Normal-mode raids being completed weekly by several groups.

PvP is popular on both factions, each having a handful of dedicated PvP guilds and players. While historically Sporeggar has not been home to many top-end arena teams, medium-high rated players are fairly abundant. Our battlegroup, Vindication, is fairly biased towards the Horde, with the Alliance often beginning battleground games heavily outnumbered - a trade-off for long queue times as Horde.

Currently population is low-medium, which means about 2000 players online. The population is now fairly balanced between the factions, with only slightly more Horde players then Alliance. Help to collect data.

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Online Since: 10th January 2007

Source: Warcraft Census