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Steamwheedle Cartel is a realm went live to players for character creation in addition to realm transfer from the Argent Dawn (EU) and Earthen Ring (EU) realms on Monday January 9th 2006. It is a Roleplaying Realm.

Not to be confused with Steamwheedle Cartel (US).


The realm is named after the ever famous Goblin Steamwheedle Cartel which its members can be seen almost world-wide.


Alliance Guilds

Guild Name Abbreviation Type Contact Notes

Horde Guilds

Guild Name Abbreviation Type Contact Notes
Steamwheedle Cartel
English RP
January 9, 2006 (WoW release date)
cartel/ GuildProgress
Index Category index
Alliance 17,169 (69%)
Horde 7,906 (31%)
Alliance / Horde ratio 2.1:1(Activity 1.8:1)
Ruin EU
RPSteamwheedle Cartel

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Steamwheedle Cartel (Europe RP Server)

Web sites of the Realm 'Steamwheedle Cartel (Europe)'

Guilds of the Realm 'Steamwheedle Cartel (Europe)'

Alliance Alliance
  • The Ascended- A very serious yet laid back raiding guild, and the most progressed raiding guild on the server. We intend to not only enjoy good solid 25 man progress but enjoy each others company at the same time. It is our intent to actually have fun while raiding.
  • ArmataOscura- The best Italian guild of this server. We are a raiding guild. We are looking for anyone that can help us with our progress in TBC high instance. Now we had finished karazhan.
  • Bastion - We are a group of circa 20 people at the moment, many of whom are experienced players who like to play in a relaxed, mostly PvE style. We're looking for anyone who fits the bill above. There are no level or class requirements, but we prefer applicants who are mature in outlook (but not necessarily in years). We are part of the
  • Brotherhood of The Hand - Italian Guild. The guild tries to promote RP in public channels and tries to grow. We usual organize BG, raid, high and low level instances with other italian guilds. Friendly atmosphere and fun.
  • The Cenarion Guardians - Night Elf military -themed guild, serving as a tactical strike team for the Cenarion Circle. Guild meeting every Tuesday in Ashenvale, other roleplay currently includes a few running plots, IC questing, IC instances and retroraids, IC combat training for PvP, and a recurring social event of our own creation; the Howl.
  • Cenarion Sentinels - The friendliest guild on Steamwheedle! We are a group of casual players that enjoy all aspects of the game together, focusing on fun and socializing before hardcore raiding and loot craze... Fairness, politness, comic relief, roleplaying, battlegrounds and help with quests and dungeons are what you can expect from the Cenarion Sentinels. Welcome!
  • The Children of Ishar - We are a Semi-RP guild based around a religious sect who worship a goddess named Ishar. Our fundamental aim is to build a guild based on togetherness and family. We strive to ensure everyone in our family is looked after and taken care of whatever their needs. Fun, laidback attitudes and a desire to help us grow is all you need to be a successful member.
  • Crimson Light - An RP guild with a mature and friendly member base and are happy to consider likedminded people should they wish to join our ranks. Our Officers are highly experienced and are willing to help others. The main idea of our guild is to form good bonds and relationships whilst RPing and preparing for the end game content. We are part of the New Dawn Raiding Community.
  • Dragonslayers - High end raid focused guild with a soft spot for RP events.
  • Sacred Circle - High end raid guild made with the heart, our members are really friendly, Raids are daily and we like a little RP on the side! The guild has been inacvtive for a while. Most of the raiders have formed a new guild called Devotion.
  • Emerald - Emerald offers three raid runs a week(Tue, Thu and Sat), friendly members, good and laidback leading (in PvE as well as PvP) as well as a healthy sense of RP. Visit our basecamp at a place called to learn more about our background, guild objectives and members.
  • Exalted - a raiding guild that tries to keep up a polite atmosphere, even tho it sometime is hard since our line of playing has a tendence to attract the wrong persons. We try to gather polite peopels that likes to raid. we encurage RP when were not raiding (well, it isn't disallowed to RP during raids, just hard to RP that your killing the same boss several times) -We try to have a good time raiding
  • HighGuard Rangers - We are a friendly guild who takes pleasure in having fun and helping each other out.
  • Knights Ascendant guild alliance.
  • Outcast - Outcast is about being friendly. After all, we pay the monthly fee to have fun, hence it is most important to us to keep the game as friendly as we can. In addition to that, Outcast is also a raiding guild, for all those who wish to raid, regardless of experience. Also, the server is an RP server and therefor we have some slight requests in the guild, in order to let those who wish to RP their character do so.
  • Shards of a Broken Crown - Role-playing guild aimed at the casual player, guild raids soon twice a week, open and friendly atmosphere. No DKP or similar system.
  • Shattered Ravens - Small, friendly RP guild, mainly made up of a group of real life friends in the UK.
  • Shikaku - The Shikaku are an ancient guild of assassins in Azeroth. We are a small guild of mainly only Rogues and Druids, it's an RP guild with lots of interaction with guildies and members outside the guild. The guild is involved in tracking, getting information and killing people.
  • Theramore Task Force - The full name of our organisation is the "Theramore Task Force" and we are a regiment of Theramore Marines serving under the command of Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Our primary position is that of being a special forces regiment to Theramore. Our secondary is to foreignly represent Lady Jaina Proudmoore and our proud homeland, ensuring that Theramores name is safe. We undergo a heavy range of militaristic and political based RP combined.
  • The Dark Embrace - The Dark Embrace is a strict role-playing guild with a monarchical structure, who tries to to create an occult style senate with a dark background. With their our own cerimonies and events, the Association focus to achieve some objective for which they will kill anyone who stand in their way.
  • The Ironforge Guard - We are a fun RP guild. We organise various instance runs and raids via our forum and Guild Event Manager and have several members close to level 60. We RP as the defenders of Ironforge and ask non-dwarfs and gnomes to have a specific reason to be allied with Ironforge when joining, which is pretty easy. See you on-line!
  • The Peoples' Militia - The Peoples' Militia is a free-form militia, designed to enhance the RP-community on Steamwheedle Cartel. The Militia have discipline and hierarchy. You are required to wear a tabard while on duty, patrol at least three times a week and write reports on crimes you encounter.
  • Talah Adora Al'shar - Talah Adora Al'shar, or TAA, as we some times refer to ourselves, is an organisation founded by Night Elves loyal to Tyrande Whisperwind, these night elves were led by a young Huntress called Teni. Under her guidance, the aims of the guild were simple (and remain so) - to help our guild mates help themselves, to teach and inform, and to respect one another in the fight against the forces of evil.
  • Those Who Fight - Those Who Fight is a guild with people from all across Europe (Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, UK...) Friendly, relaxed and a mature atmosphere are key to our guild.
  • The Stormwind City Guard - Are the loyal men and woman of Stormwind who have enlisted in the military force that defends the streets of Stormwind from the scum that lurk the dark alleys. We are a helpful bunch of people that try and solve a situation without ever having to pull out our blades and rush straight into battle but that doesnt mean we dont know how to use a blade.
  • Macnamarras Band - Macnamarras Band is a small, recently founded guild, light to medium roleplaying is preferred. We do our instances with a smile on our face and a drink in our hand. Fun is what its all about. The guild does not have many members yet, so new members will have a great possibility to help form the guild into something great.
  • [1] - Disciples Of Destruction are a progressing raiding guild. We have a handful of members and we are there for a social time not for grinding all day. We are from all over euorpe, we try to help all the members out and we are starting raids soon.
Horde Horde
  • Union of Mercenaries - A group of mercenaries available for hire for any task, big or small, instance or quest, at rates that will not break your wallet. Not only supply a strong arm and good aim or two, but can provide a rich RP experience as well. We are an RP heavy group in /s; but as we mostly know each other IRL, guild chat is a humorous affair.
  • Dominance - A big raiding guild on the Horde side with ambitions to advance as quickly as possible. Endgame raids require endgame characters, so only lvl 70 chars are considered for the guild. Regular raids to farmed instances as well as new ones.
  • Order of the Sun - The order of the Sun is a RP guild who accept everyone into our ranks, we also do Pve and PvP. The guild is led by the heroic Blood Elf Solance.
  • Blood of Vol - Blood of Vol is a light RP guild. The guild is based on finding the relics of the troll Vol. All are welcome to join.
  • Infinity - e started of as a small guild made of a couple of IRL swedish friends, but with time we've grown in numbers and today we have about 40 members. All classes and races are welcome, but we still want to keep it a swedish/norwegian guild only. We try to do some RP events, but rarely use RP in the guildchat. we're focusing on having as much fun as possible without powergaming.
  • Nomadas - Nomadas is a RP guild which is growing quickly these days. We are specially focused on Rp’ing and story telling. Besides, we are always up to high instances and some PVP (elves from Darnassus know us very well). Although most of us are Spanish, we roleplay in English.
  • Seventh Seal - 15 strong high level guild, RPG encouraged, Mostly know each other in RL (or at least 1 step removed), Not actively recruiting but willing to have a chat if your interested.
  • The Ghost Company - a guild based on friendship and bonds within the game. We focus on RP and include RP within our PVE/PVP content. We run a monthly story arc and carry a guild theme.
  • The Earthfury Clan - The Earthfury Clan is a Horde Side Heavy RP Guild which is a haven for Orcs, Trolls and Tauren. Lead by the wise Chieftain Hrisskar Doomforge, the Clan seeks to heal and protect the ancient lands of Kalimdor from new threats and old enemies. Based in the Earthfury Den, an underground stronghold comprised of many passageways, located in Splintertree Post, the Clan spreads its influence throughout the Horde. Very distrustful of the new allies to the Horde, the Blood Elves. We pride ourselvs on Bonds of Friendship and our love of RP which is readily available either in one of our regular Events or merely casual gatherings

  • Spear of Destiny - Born from the festering ruins of The Red Horn guild, a few other now dead guilds and some fresh blood. Our motto is "Quality not quantity". We are mostly refugees who therefor have high moral standards, are keen, active players and above all, enjoy taking a lively part in our roleplay guild. We have our own forums, however the address can't be listed here. This is a roleplay guild, however it is up to you if you want to roleplay in guild chat. At events and in public, it will be expected. We have fun. We have regular, fun events; including contests with prizes, interactive plays and ceremonies. We enjoy our time in Azeroth.

Boss Lady: Alida Recruitment Officers: Suline, Ballox

  • Unspeakable Villainy- An English speaking guild aimed at adult players with a sense of humour. RP wise, we are a Mafia-style crime syndicate run mainly by members of the Forsaken. We enjoy all aspects of the game and are looking to recruit people who play regularly and have a good attitude.
  • 'The Darkend Horde' is a horde-based guild with a few rp-ers in them. Every Horde race is accepted and tabards are soon given.
  • The Will of Grom A friendly, helpful, rank-structured semi-RP guild. To join you need a good sense of humor to deal with all the crazy people in the WoG, and you need to be cooperative and ready to take part in guild events. Also, be ready to met some crazy - but funny and nice - people, for example, Kardean, the handsomest mage in the world (according to him) and Jastra the maniac.
  • "Knight Hawks" is a up and coming raid guild. Few Rpers. Contact a member in game to get more information,
  • Vengeance of the Beyond A guild founded as a result of a chance meeting in the Hillsbrad Foothills of Silitha, Killigrew and Physalis. After some enjoyable questing together, their friendship resulted in forming the Vengeance of the Beyond guild. Eventually other kindred souls found their way into the ranks and now the guild consists of a small, but really tight-knit group, who's friendship stretches beyond the realm of World of Warcraft into real life. The spirit is always light-hearted and some real life Sulfuron Slammer or Kungaloosh is never shunned...

Steamwheedle Cartel Radio

The server has its own radio station made by Snorkyorky, Polar, Autumnrain and Tala. See Server:Steamwheedle Cartel Europe/Radio