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Stormrage Europe is part of Battlegroup Cyclone - Battlegroup list

Alliance is leading the ratio at around 2:1.


Updated list of guilds on Stormrage-EU can be found here; - Stormrage Guilds (Alliance) and here - Stormrage Guilds (Horde)

See the Progression Chart for guilds below (also see pre-tbc progression)

Update as of 25.02.11: Old progression charts are outdated, and might be removed. Follow - Stormrage-EU for rapidly updated raid progression for each and every guild on the server.

Alliance Alliance

Horde Horde

Disbanded Guilds

Alliance Alliance

  • Focus
  • Ad Eternium
  • Barbarians (Disbanded with the release of Wrath of the Lich King)
  • Menethil Raiders
  • The Usual Suspects, (Some members continued on Vashj, Horde side. And kept The Usual Suspects guild name. The ex-stormrage players: Urunix, Maia, Bossmc and Wardevil founded this small new horde guild).
  • The Warras Legion
  • Raging Fire
  • Citizens of Azeroth
  • The Legion
  • The Black Citadel
  • Verus Vulnero
  • World's Finest Knights
  • Andromeda (Formed into new guild with Filosaphy, which is now called Avalerion)
  • Filosaphy
  • Absolute
  • Effectuate
  • Ad Infinitum
  • FlameOn
  • Genesis (Disbanded 15th of June 2009)
  • Carpe Cerevisi (Disbanded late 2009)
  • Paratus (Disbanded late 2009)
  • Orion (Disbanded august 2009)
  • Impulse Raiders (Disbanded september 2009)
  • November (Disbanded 30th of march 2010)
  • Andromeda (Been inactive since 2008)
  • Alliance of Faith (the last two guilds Raven Hill Raiders and The Brotherhood fell apart mid-Wotlk)
  • Whact (transfered realms)
  • Insight (disbanded just pre cata release)

Horde Horde

  • Obsidian Guards
  • Caern Morghen (Guild moved to Wildhammer during the FCM)
  • Abyssus Incendia
  • Cataclysm
  • The Nordic Horde
  • Sanguine
  • Sonata Arctica
  • Aeon
  • Origin
  • Extend (Disbanded 22th of march 2010)
  • Elitism (Moved to Vek'nilash as of 28th of march 2010 during the Free Migration. The remains formed the new guild The Old Timers)
  • Hård
  • The Exiled
  • Death Vendor

Notable Guilds

  • Genesis: One of the best progressed guilds on the server all the way up till their disband in mid 2009. It was also one of the first to be formed for serious raiding. Previous guild names were <Toy> and <Fun>.
  • Initium: Currently the last remaining guild still raiding (Casual) of what is known as the top Stormrage progression raiding guilds since TBC. Founded from a mixture of The Usual Suspects and Nightcrawlers.
  • Nightcrawlers: Together with Genesis always in the race for server first. Memorable server first kill on Nefarian in Blackwing Lair.
  • Elitism: A long with Genesis, Initium and Orion, it was the best progressed guild on the server ever since it started in 2005 and all the way up till they migrated of the server in march 2010.
  • Orion: The best progressed guild in early Pre-TBC, and got competition in AQ40 and Naxxramas, which it lost. It led the progression charts many times during it's existence, but disbanded in late half of 2009.
  • Focus: Known for their fast progress in the Molten Core, leading to the server second Ragnaros kill, right behind Genesis. After falling and rising many times over the years, the guild permanently disbanded in 2009.
  • Flawless: Formed of old The Nordic Elite members in late 2007. It soon became one of the leading guilds on the server, keeping a steady progression behind the main guilds Genesis, Initium, Orion and Elitism. After the summer in 2009, Flawless had a rough time gathering enough motivated players to their raids, a faith Carpe Cerevisi led under as well. The Guild Masters and officers of both guilds agreed on a merge, forming Beacon, a guild which would consist of a casual atmosphere made by the best from the two guilds.
  • Carpe Cerevisi: Beer loving guild, with great progress as long as it lasted.
  • Phoenix: A Horde guild, which is well known for the movie Hardware Store, which has fronted many leading World of Warcraft sites.
  • Caern Morghen: Well progressed guild which moved to Wildhammer during the FCM in 2006. Their progress on Wildhammer has been good, and is among the top.
  • The Nordic Elite: An old well established guild which did consist of only Norwegians, Swedes and Danes until a change of policy in 2008, letting all nationalities enter.
  • Heroes of Norway: One of the oldest, and were the largest guild on the server for quite few years. It only consisted of Norwegians, but due to role changes, the guild is now dead.
  • Verus Vulnero: Is a long standing guild on stormrage, formed in 2006 it started out as a 40 man raiding guild back when that was the norm obivously that reduced down to 25 and due to some misfortune the guild ended up inactive for much of the duration of wrath. VV "reformed" when Cataclysm came out and the coremembers are now raiding 10man content again.
  • Raven Hill Raiders: Is one of the oldest guilds on Stormrage-EU. Was formed on day 2 and have exsisted since as a casual raiding guild, was in an alliance called Alliance of Faith untill mid-WotLK for larger raids.

PvE Progress

Update as of 25.02.11: Old progression charts are outdated, and might be removed. Follow - Stormrage-EU for rapidly updated raid progression for each and every guild on the server.

Alliance Alliance:

World of Warcraft Pre-TBC:

Genesis, Nightcrawlers, Carpe Cerevisi and Orion were the leading guilds. With Genesis getting all the way up to 4 Horsemen (4HM) before The Burning Crusade shipped.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade TBC:

Genesis, Initium and Orion were the main competetors on the alliance side during this era. But guilds such as Flawless, Carpe Cerevisi and Impulse Raiders followed closly behind. Server first Kil'Jaeden went to Orion 16th of September 2008.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King WotLK:

WotLK has had a lot of twists and turns during this expansion. Many of the leading Alliance guilds have either died down or disbanded completely. This makes Initium the main competetor to become the best Alliance guild on the server. As of 30th march 2010, they're at 6/12 HM ICC25. To be continued. Update 25.02.11: No Alliance guilds were able to take down Arthas in heroic 25 man mode before the release of Cataclysm. Several kills of the 10 man were done, with pugs getting clears in late 2010.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm:

Zeal (25m), Lights (10m) and Initium (25m) is all at 2/13 [H] as of 25.02.11, with Joonbe (10m) following at 1/13 [H].

Horde Horde:

World of Warcraft Pre-TBC:

Elitism were the top guild during this era, with not really any competition on the Horde side.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade TBC:

Elitism dominated again this era on the Horde side. Get Geared or Wipe Tryin, Extend and Evolution were following closely, but were always a step behind.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King WotLK:

At the end of 2009 and still far into 2010, Horde guilds have been dominating the raiding scene. The guilds Elitism and Heretic has been following each other like shades, with Extend and Evolution following relatively close behind. As of march, both Elitism (Migrating) and Extend (Disbanding) will halt there progression, and Heretic will then take over the lead on the server. To be continued. Update 25.02.11: Heretic won the race with 12/12 25 man HC at 02.08.10 Several kills of the 10 man were done, with pugs getting clears in late 2010.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm:

Aurora is leading the progression on the server with 6/13 [H] killed in 25 man as of 25.02.11. Heretic at second with 4/13 [H] as of 25.02.11.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria MoP:

Damnation moved to Stormrage in Mists from (recourses needed)

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor WoD:

More at the Stormrage Unofficial Progression Chart (This site will close during the coming months due to Elitisms departure as of march 2010)

PvP Progress

World of Warcraft Pre-TBC

This period were filled with skilled and talented PvP players, and were the period with the most world PvP going on. Notable locations being Stranglethorn Vale, Crossroads and Light's Hope Chapel. Many Taurens (!) were hurt during these battle.

Stormrage obtained quite few high ranked players, and teams were formed and held together throughout Pre-TBC and into later expansions. The spirit of competition between the two factions were something that kept the server together, and will be a fond memory of many vanilla-veterans. The introduction of the Cyclone battlegroup broke this bond, when the pre-formed hardcore teams rarely met eachother within Pvp. Stormrage were a feared server at the early stages of the Battlegroup merge during this period. Having high ranked teams from both Alliance and Horde ravaging opposing teams from different servers. A notable picture from this era PvP - Pre-TBC

Stormrage PvP heroes - Long live vanilla!

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade TBC

On Alliance side the main pvp community resided in Initium under a special Rank, noticable names are Gaarra, Shirycuta, Legacyofxia, Diomedes. From those only a handful Gladiators: Diomedes Human Shockadin Paladin , Doordie Nightelf Bm Hunter , Complex Gnome Combat Rogue.

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King WotLK

On Alliance side there was only one guild worth mentioning MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN, founded by what was accepted as the best pvp'ers on stormrage (Tankz, Bumeyes, Ferno, Shirycuta, Gaarra, Undergroundz and LegacyofXhia) it lasted a year before they started recruiting after the guild became famous and gaining numerous gladiators due to Tankz streaming his way to Rank 1.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm

PvP progression for Cataclysm is not updated.

Realm Firsts

Not updated for Cataclysm

Realm First! Level 80: Zodez <Evolution>


Not updated for Cataclysm

  • Realm First! Obsidian Slayer: <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Magic Seeker: <Orion>
  • Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas: <Orion>
  • Realm First! Celestial Defender: <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Death's Demise: <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Grand Crusader: <Elitism>


Not updated for Cataclysm

  • Realm First! Northrend Vanguard: Dalbert <Carpe Cerevisi>


Not updated for Cataclysm

  • Realm First! Grand Master Scribe: Lionz <brotherhood of the Vatos>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Leatherworker: Athonos
  • Realm First! Grand Master Jewelcrafter: Zestra <Flawless>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Blacksmith: Kalroth <Elitism>
  • Realm First! First Aid Grand Master: Zulok <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Miner: Kalroth <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Herbalist: Honeey < I R Baboon>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Angler: Csirke <Avalerion>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Skinner: Rujin <Extend>
  • Realm First! Cooking Grand Master: Severin <Seventh>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Enchanter: Insanica <Genesis>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Alchemist: Dotamaster <Seventh>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Tailor: Naraxi <Flawless>
  • Realm First! Grand Master Engineer: Kazuma <Initium>


Not updated for Cataclysm

  • Realm First! Level 80 Troll: Whitefang <Oathbreakers>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Tauren: Thirouc <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Druid: Thirouc <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Dwarf: Thorgrimmar <FlameOn>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Orc: Zulok <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Gnome: Dotamaster <Seventh>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Mage: Dotamaster <Seventh>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Forsaken: Melkor <Fraternitas Ferreus>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Draenei: Hroth <Carpe Cerevisi>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Night Elf: Seraphine <The Brotherhood>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Human: Saaye <Orion>


Not updated for Cataclysm

  • Realm First! Level 80 Warrior: Seraphine <The Brotherhood>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Rogue: Saaye <Orion>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Blood Elf: Zodez <Evolution>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Paladin: Zodez <Evolution>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Hunter: Zulok <Elitism>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Priest: Vagos <Seventh>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Death Knight: Myrx <Genesis>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Warlock: Melkor <Fraternitas Ferreus>
  • Realm First! Level 80 Shaman: Hroth <Carpe Cerevisi>

Famous Players

  • Grillzy, Dwarf Paladin: First alliance player to hit level 60.
  • Zulok, Orc Hunter: First player to hit level 60. Also first player to hit 70.
  • Worm, Orc Warrior: First player to get rank 14 at PvP.
  • Scyr, Undead Warrior <Elitism>: First to get Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros and third (first Horde) in server to get a legendary after Eothran and Willehart both from Alliance.
  • Munch, aka Fusion: PvP Contest winner (Horde)
  • Vendetta <Elitism>: One of the best warlock PvP'ers pre-TBC and was part of Fusion's PvP steamroller team.
  • Sardonyx, Human Mage <Insight> First Alliance Rank 14: PvP Contest winner (Alliance) - Took an extended break from the game, re-rolled as a Death Knight under the same name.
  • Adys, Human Mage <Absolution>: known for hosting the successful weekly MC PuGs until Burning Crusade and for having most of the enchants in game. Transferred to Aerie Peak under the name of Addys.
  • Pancha - A well known Dwarf which have played on Stormrage-EU since the very first day. Had a vivid role within the Stormrage community; updating progression threads, locator etc., and have been the host of several raids, including the loved old-school raids. Were also a member of Genesis in Pre-TBC, and Flawless during TBC and WotLK. Stopped playing as of 01.01.11. Before quiting, he had a portfolio of 21 T1-T3 ecuipped level 60's spread over 3 different accounts, and 2 servers (due to an obsession in having collector-alts).
  • Pearroc, Moderator of the famous World of Warcraft fan site MMO-Champion and reckless PvP player (shaman).
  • Metrognome, Gnome Warlock <Turquoise Hexagon Sun>: infamous macro-spammer of the unsuspecting; creator of Escape From the Bedroom, featured on the front page of
  • Severin <Absolution>: Unofficial medic of the Sha'tari Skyguard. Starts the quest N [70] World of Shadows.
  • Skalf <NightCrawlers>: He was green!
  • Eothran, Human Paladin <Genesis>: First to get a legendary (Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker) in server, and one of the firsts in EU.
  • Tankz, famous streamer and along with Ferno first and only Rank 1 pvp'ers on Stormrage.
  • Heggland  lvl 70 orc Warlock , well known for he's "skills" and  as the local clown on the horde side.
  • Enhok one of the highest DPS mage of his era (vanilla, tbc, wotlk)
  • Nuyi, famous rogue who started at Low Landers after which he became one of the highest rated DPS players during WoTLK.


Stormrage Scarab Lords

This is the list of the original Scarab Lord's from the Ahn'Qiraj opening event in early 2006. An event which brought the server closer together in an effort to get the job done.


The Horde guild Phoenix has been mother of the movie The Hardware Store, an excellent WoW Music movie made by Slegg and Maere.


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