Setting Sun Garrison

The Setting Sun Garrison is a large pandaren military compound located in the far southwestern corner of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms near the great wall that blocks off the Dread Wastes. It is primarily occupied by the Shado-pan monks, but members of the Golden Lotus can also be found here.


  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Kelari Featherfoot <Master of the Rolling Thunder>
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Hai-Me Heavyhands <Training Master>
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Yumi Goldenpaw <Training Master>
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Anji Autumnlight
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Kun Autumnlight
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Levan Dawnblade
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Shado-Pan Trainer
  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Shado-Pan Trainee
  • Neutral IconSmall SerpentCloud.gif War Serpent
  • Neutral IconSmall Yak.gif Wooly Yak
Mobs (surrounding)
  • RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat IconSmall Goat.gif Black Bengal Goat
  • RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat IconSmall Gazelle.gif Fairlands Gazelle
  • RepFrame - Alliance Hostile.png RepFrame - Horde Hostile.png Combat IconSmall Wolf.gif Feralmaw Wolf
  • RepFrame - Alliance Hostile.png RepFrame - Horde Hostile.png Combat IconSmall Hawk.gif Silkfeather Hawk

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