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Mana-Tombs (5)

Boss Pandemonius
Boss Tavarok
Boss Yor (heroic)
Boss Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Auchenai Crypts (5)

Boss Shirrak the Dead Watcher
Boss Exarch Maladaar

Sethekk Halls (5)

Boss Darkweaver Syth
Boss Anzu (heroic, summoned)
Boss Talon King Ikiss

Shadow Labyrinth (5)

Boss Ambassador Hellmaw
Boss Blackheart the Inciter
Boss Grandmaster Vorpil
Boss Murmur

Shadow Labyrinth bosses

Shadow Labyrinth entrance

The Shadow Labyrinth is one of four instances in Auchindoun. It is occupied almost entirely by orcs and demons from the Burning Legion, such as felguards and shivarras. The instance comes to an end with a confrontation against the essence of sound. The instance should take about 2 hours plus to complete.

Access into the instance (through the south end of Auchindoun) is beyond a locked door. Entry requires one person in the party to possess the Shadow Labyrinth Key, or a rogue with a lockpicking skill of 350. The key can be picked up from a box after killing Talon King Ikiss (who also drops the key), the last boss of Sethekk Halls, which is also an instance wing of Auchindoun.

The entire group does not need to have the Shadow Labyrinth Key. One person with the key can open the door for the rest of the group. It is also possible for no one in the group to have the key, nor have a rogue. A player outside of the group can open the door, and the group can freely pass through it until it closes. Also, a player from inside the door can pull a nearby lever to instantly open it. An alternative method is dying in close proximity to the door, then resurrecting on the other side of it. Unequip your armor to prevent durability loss.

The minimum required level to enter is 65.


The Shadow Labyrinth is populated by forces of the Shadow Council.


Normal trash mobs give 12 reputation to Lower City per kill (15 in Heroic); larger mobs, such as Fel Overseers and Malicious Instructors, give 24 (30 in Heroic). All bosses give 120 reputation (250 in Heroic mode). An average run, killing only the mobs needed to reach the end, gives approximately 2,000 reputation.

Dungeon Denizens


Bosses Monsters
The Arcanium
The Refectory
  • Cabal Acolyte
  • Cabal Assassin
  • Cabal Cultist
  • Cabal Deathsworn
  • Cabal Familiar
  • Cabal Shadow Priest
  • Cabal Warlock
  • Fel Guardhound
  • Fel Overseer
  • Maiden of Discipline
  • Malicious Instructor
Sanctum of Shadows
The Screaming Hall
  • Cabal Acolyte
  • Cabal Deathsworn
  • Cabal Executioner
  • Cabal Spellbinder
  • Cabal Summoner



  • Hellmawicon.png  Ambassador Hellmaw – is kept banished by a number of Shadow Council minions in the second large room in the Shadow Labyrinth. Defeating the last group of banishers frees him. He has an area-effect fear with about a 40-yard range, and a nature-based venom spit that also reduces armor.
  • Incitericon.png  Blackheart the Inciter – his primary special ability is "incite chaos," which is like a mind control on all party members, who then fight each other using all available cooldowns.
  • Vorpilicon.png  Grandmaster Vorpil – calls for aid when attacked, causing voidwalkers to spawn at an increasing rate. The voidwalkers move slowly to Vorpil, and when they reach him heal him and damage the party. Many consider Vorpil the most difficult boss of this instance in normal mode. In Heroic, he also has a banish ability.
  • Achievement Boss Murmur.png  Murmur – is a powerful sound-based elemental that has been summoned by the Shadow Council, who seem to be having trouble keeping him under control. Murmur does not move in combat; his special abilities include a sonic boom area-damage effect, a spell that causes an explosion centered on a target player character, and when no player characters are in melee range, a debuff increasing vulnerability to nature damage. In heroic mode, he also has an ability that causes damage to those outside the range of his sonic boom, and the explosion effect teleports all players to the target.

See the individual boss pages for more detailed information and strategies.


Throughout this instance, careful pulling may be required to avoid fighting more than one group at a time, though less so than prior to patch 2.1. Even with good pulling, there are some difficult groups of 5 or 6 enemies and good crowd control is essential. Keep the cultists off the healers in your group, and take down the caster enemies first. In heroic mode, most trash is on an approximately 8 hour respawn timer.


Mob Abilities Heroic Crowd Control
Cabal Acolyte Hits for 640; ~16k health. Casts Heal to heal itself and other mobs. They have a buff called Shadow Defense (1-hr duration) which absorbs 2750 to 3200 shadow damage that can be applied to members of the party when the Acolyte is mind controlled. Hits for ~740; 25k health. Heal is 3 second interruptible cast and heals for 10000-13000. Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled, Seduced, or Frozen.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Assassin Spawns during the pulls prior to Blackheart the Inciter. Assassins appear to spawn periodically; the longer you spend in the entry to Blackheart's room, the more times you will see them spawn. There are reports of them spawning two at a time on occasion. Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Cultist Interrupts casting and prevents casting from that school of magic. Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Deathsworn Mild damage, Knockdown (stun), Shadow Cleave Normal hits for 1600, Black Cleave hits for 4000 Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Executioner Heavy armored prot-style warrior given whirlwind and two-hand polearm. Mostly harmless. Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Fanatic Very fast, hard attack speed. Also has a Fixate ability that keeps the mob on that Fixated person for a short amount of time and doubles attack speed. The only way to get it off is with taunt or a similar ability. Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Ritualist Spawn in packs of 3 of a combination of melee and casters. Melee wields two daggers; gouges, hits around 1500 on cloth, low-health. Casters: Spawn in packs of 4. Can dispel magic, including any CC's such as Trap and Polymorph. Tank and kill away from any other CC'd Ritualists, otherwise the CC will likely be dispelled. Non-Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be Frozen, Sheeped or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Shadow Priest Mind Flay (around 900 damage per sec) and Shadow Word: Pain. Mind Flay (deals 1700-1800 damage per sec) and Shadow Word: Pain (700 damage every 3 sec) Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Spellbinder Uses Brain Wash (Mind Control spell) on players, Earth Shock dealing no damage seldom on players casting anything. Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled, Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Summoner Casts Summon Cabal <name> (opens a portal to summon additional mobs) Kill first or CC. Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled, Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Warlock Has Shadowbolt, Seed of Corruption, comes with an Imp (Cabal Familiar), Succubus or Felhunter pet. Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled, Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.

Cabal Zealot Shadowbolt, Shape of the Beast( time between attacks decreased, attack power increased, cannot cast spells) (Shapeshifts the caster into a Wrath Hound, like a Urvous or Magmadar style two headed fel dog) at low health. The buff can be spellstolen, or dispelled, and then cancelled. The zealot will not recast it. Non-Heroic – Can be Mind Controlled, Frozen or Seduced.

Heroic – Same as non-heroic.


The demons can be pulled solo but are several times as strong as the regular elites.

Mob Special note Heroic
Fel Overseer Hits very hard, Intimidating Shout (AoE fear), random Charge, self heal at low hp, very resistant, 76k life, immune to Disarm and all slowing effects, CC immune (hint: if you die in midcombat, release and run back). Pull well away from other groups to avoid being feared into them. Mortal Strike for ~6000-8000 damage (can oneshot clothies if unlucky), Uppercut for 1600, Normal for 1400. On heroic they no longer charge when they fear their target. Immune to Enslave Demon
Malicious Instructor Hits fairly hard melee, has an AoE Shadow Nova that hits between 1-1.5k, and a debuff, Mark of Malice, which increases melee damage taken. Immune to Enslave Demon and Banish. Also cannot be shield bashed to interrupt casting. She is notorious for occasionally critting a crit-immune tank. This may be related to the Mark of Malice. Disarms main tank. The AoE Shadow Nova can be interrupted only in heroic mode.

There are several very difficult pulls in the room with the second boss, Blackheart the Inciter. One viable strategy to thin the mass of trash mobs to more-manageable pulls involves a priest, another party member that can resurrect, and everyone save the priest staying back in another room to prevent aggroing. The priest mind controls a single mob forcing the others to attack and kill it. The priest will get killed, but they can be resurrected to mind control again. Since the priest is going to die, they can remove all items that can take durability damage. This may be slower than traditional pulling, but it is highly effective.

There are also several trash pulls just before Murmur. After the first two guards, these are in rows of four, with mages in between. If you pull a row while a mage is between that row and the next, both the mage and the next row are likely to come along. Any CC is very helpful. Pulling far back and using timed fear bombs can also help.

The best way to handle these pulls is to wait for Murmur to kill the mage behind the row to be pulled. About 15 seconds after a mage dies, a new one will spawn. Use this time to pull the whole row back. Avoid using crowd control abilities like sap or sheep near where the mobs start, or the mage respawn will come out and bring the next row with it. Instead, fear or sheep the adds as far back as possible after the pull. Done correctly, this limits the pull to 4 mobs. Once each row is killed, the 'filler' mage stops respawning.


See Shadow Labyrinth loot.


Shadow Labyrinth Map

The Arcanium · The Refectory · Sanctum of Shadows · The Screaming Hall


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