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Shadows of Ice is an original English manwha written by Richard Knaak and illustrated by Kim Jae-Hwan taking place in the Warcraft Universe. Shadows of Ice is Volume 2 in The Sunwell Trilogy.

  • 1 - Terror on the Mountain
  • 2 - Baron Mordis
  • 3 - Caverns of the Dead
  • 4 - The Dwellers beneath
  • 5 - The Orb of Ner'zhul
  • 6 - Death on the Mountain

Back-of-Book Description:

On the war-ravaged world of Azeroth, a young blue dragon's quest for a mysterious power has led him and his companions to the remote mountains of Lordaeron. In that frozen, treacherous wasteland, they find themselves caught in a battle of life, death--and undeath!

Jae-Hwan Kim, artist of the best-selling King of Hell series, and Richard A. Knaak, the New York Times best selling author, whisk you back to the world of Warcraft with the bone-chillingly sinister Shadows of Ice.


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