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This is an article on Shaman abilities. Nearly all of the Shaman's abilities are mana-based and are split into three disciplines.

Elemental Elemental

The focus lies on the shaman's offensive spell casting abilities. It increases damage and critical strike chance.

Enhancement Enhancement

Enhancement spells include those which increase your melee damage output and your chance to survive.

Restoration (Shaman) Restoration

Includes healing capability, reducing the casting time and mana cost of healing spells, while increasing their effectiveness.

Core abilities

Note: Players technically start in Elemental spec.

Lightning Bolt

Ability Min Level
Lightning Bolt Starts with
Healing Surge 5
Earthbind Totem 8
Far Sight 13
Ancestral Spirit 14
Ghost Wolf 16
Wind Shear 18
Reincarnation 26
Ability Min Level
Water Walking 32
Hex 42
Astral Recall 44
Alliance Heroism 50
Horde Bloodlust 50
Astral Shift 52
Purge 63