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Sheep are woolly critters similar to a goat, but smaller than a cow. They are commonly found wandering in the pastoral areas of Elwynn Forest, Loch Modan, the Redridge Mountains, Hillsbrad Foothills and even a few in Alterac Mountains, Westfall and Howling Fjord. During the Second and Third Wars they were commonly seen in Lordaeron but most sheep in that area have apparently died. Not all sheep are what they seem.


Sheep are docile herbivores. Both black and white varieties exist, and they are prized for their wool. Some mages are infamous for polymorphing their opponents into sheep. Sheep flee rather than attack. Rumors of them exploding spontaneously are unsubstantiated.[1] (MGWS 18)

The male sheep are called rams and are categorized as beasts, while the female sheep are called ewes and are categorized as critters. Young sheep are called lambs and are companions.


Sheep is sometimes used as a verb meaning "to transform into a sheep (via the Polymorph spell)".

In Warcraft III, if a flying unit was polymorphed in lands where sheep were common, they became Flying Sheep. Likewise, if a waterborne creature was polymorphed, the unit could become two types of Aquatic Sheep.


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