Shen-zin Su is the ancient and gigantic sea turtle that the lands of the Wandering Isle sit upon. For 10,000 years he has made his way through the world's oceans, keeping away from the Alliance and Horde lands all this time. All pandaren on the Isle know of him, though no one has spoken to him in hundreds of years.

This changes when the pandaren people sense something ill has befallen him. Finding the source of this ailment is the main thrust of the starting zone quests for the playable pandaren.

It is revealed that an Alliance ship, the Skyseeker, has smashed into the side of Shen-zin, and he is now grievously wounded. To make matters worse, saurok have risen from the sea to invade the shores of Pei-Wu Forest. Ji Firepaw strikes upon a plan to detonate the remnants of the wreck, but this will cause further injury to the turtle.

There is no other recourse, however, as time grows short. Aysa Cloudsinger and Ji stand fast against the oncoming tide of saurok while Alliance and Horde healers stand side by side to stem the flow of blood from Shen-zin's wound. Luck stays with them, for the enemy is forced back, and the turtle is healed.

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