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The Shrine of Aviana

[44, 45]

is a Druid of the Talon enclave located in the middle of Mount Hyjal, under the care and direction of Choluna. When first entered, the Shrine is under attack by harpies, but as adventurers succeed in bringing Aviana back into the world, the harpy presence disappears, leaving the Shrine peaceful once more.


According to Choluna.

Fair Aviana, the Mistress of Birds! All winged creatures of Azeroth once owed her allegiance, especially we Druids of the Talon. It's by her grace that we were granted the ability to shift forms and take to the skies.

Aviana was both beautiful and terrible, like the great birds of prey she counted among her children. She lived in the towering spirit realm of G'hanir, the Mother Tree, but appeared on Azeroth in the form of a great winged goddess.

Gossipgossipicon.png You speak in the past tense. What happened to her?

<Choluna's face darkens.>

Ten thousand years ago demons flooded across Azeroth in the War of the Ancients. Aviana called her children to the skies and fought off the demon hordes from the front lines. Her wrath was inescapable.

Hundreds fell before the fury of her talons. But ultimately she was surrounded by Doomguards, their barbed lances piercing her sides...

It is said that her blood itself attacked the demons, searing their flesh, destroying them even as she herself fell from the sky.

Gossipgossipicon.png What became of her?

Aviana perished on the battlefield that day, but the mortal races and the remaining ancients ultimately triumphed. The first druids found her body among the carnage, and bore it up here, to the highest mountain.

She was laid to rest just outside this shrine, within a circle of sacred stones.

A seed of G'hanir was used to planet the World Tree, and it is all that remains of that sacred realm, which otherwise perished with her.

Flight Paths

Neutral Gates of Sothann, Mount Hyjal
Neutral Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal
Neutral Grove of Aessina, Mount Hyjal
Neutral Sanctuary of Malorne, Mount Hyjal


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