Were you looking for the pandarens, Boatbuilder Shu, Elder Shu <Village Elder>, Shu-Li Spadepaw, Treeshaper Shu, or Wastewalker Shu <Grand Master Pet Tamer>, or the Vision of Shu <Ancient Spirit of Water>?

Shu is the ancient spirit of water for the pandaren. Once the playmate and friend of Old Man Liang before Liang grew too old, he can be found within the Pool of Reflection

[78.9, 37.3]

at the Singing Pools of the Wandering Isle. He is one of the spirits that must be returned to the Temple of Five Dawns.

Objective of

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  • According to Aysa Cloudsinger: Shu is precious to us. We need to find him, but he has the tendencies of a young child, so we must not scare him in our approach.

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