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Inv fabric silk 01.png
  • Silk Cloth
  • Item Level 30
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 1s 50c
  • Vendor 6s

A fine cloth made from silk. Silk Cloth is dropped from any number of mid-level humanoids.

As an ingredient

Silk Cloth is used in the following recipes:



First Aid


As a quest item

Silk Cloth is needed for the following quests:

Hand in 60 Silk Cloth to a faction quartermaster to gain Reputation

Places to farm

  • Lvl. 25+: The dungeon city of Gnomeregan, which is Northwest of Ironforge. Dropped by any humanoids in the dungeon and instance.
  • Lvl. 25+ Defias Insurgents in the Stockade drop silk at 41% per mob.
  • Lvl. 25+ Dragonmaw Raiders in Loch Modan drop silk at 24% per mob, and can be soloed 1 at a time
  • Lvl. 27+-29+ The Dawning Woods Catacombs in Duskwood are filled with monsters that drop 1 - 2 silk.
  • Lvl. 29+-33+ The area surrounding and inside the Scarlet Monastery is loaded with silk. Many 'Scarlet' mobs drop more than 1 silk per kill on average.
  • Lvl. 35+-36+ Shadowforge Surveyors in the Badlands drop more than 1 silk per kill on average.
  • Lvl. 34-40+ Centuars and Demons in Desolace drop 1-3 silk and 1-2 mageweave making them ideal for farming.
  • Lvl. 38-40+ The Cult-Sworn Warlocks in Western Plaguelands have a high drop rate, about 1-3 silk and 1-2 mageweave.*
  • Lvl. 41 The Bloodsail Mages and Venture Co. mobs in general drop silk every 1-2 mobs.

  • Note - The Western Plaguelands is a heavily farmed zone. If you see other players, it is advised to move to another location.

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