For his appearence during Midsummer Fire Festival, see Skar'this the Summoner.

Skar'this the Heretic is a friendly naga quest giver that spawns in the Heroic version of the Slave Pens. He can be found in a cage shortly before Rokmar the Crackler, the second boss.

He is involved in the following quests:

See Coilfang Reservoir NPCs.


  • Skar'this is the only naga in Outland that is friendly to the player. The Coilskar Commander in Shadowmoon Valley is also friendly, but can not be interacted with.
  • From Skar'this's dialogue, it appears as though he is a servant of the elemental lord Neptulon, and that Vashj and her forces have turned away from him. It can only be speculated what this means for the rest of the naga.
  • From the 2008 Midsummer Fire Festival, it seems that Skar'this is involved in a plot to summon Lord Ahune.
  • As of Midsummer Fire Festival 2010, Skar'this' role has been upgraded to Skar'this the Summoner, who is conducting the summoning ritual on the Ice Stone as adventurers show up.

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