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How UI looked before Patch 3.0

A skill is an ability that allows a character to perform some action or make some item that improves with use. The improvement depends on the difficulty of the action or the difficulty in creating the item. Professions are a subset of skills. Not all skills are professions.

As of Patch 3.0, all skills don't improve with use. Prior to this most did.

Types of class Skills

Currently, only rogues and death knights have class-specific skills.

The rogue-only skills are:

The death knight only skill is:

  • Runeforging Runeforging – Allows death knights to engrave runes into their weapons, offering a variety of free weapon enchantments. Requires a runeforge.

Types of combat Skills

Questionmark-medium.png This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate.

Offensive combat skills had a maximum skill level of 5 * your current level:[citation needed]

  • Defense (Removed) Defense skill – Improves your ability to avoid attacks. Some gear adds defense rating, which raises your defense skill above its normal maximum.
  • Weapon skills (Melee and Ranged) – Each weapon type has an associated skill. As of Patch 3.0, these skills only determine whether or not you can use a weapon type.

Types of language Skills

Currently there is no way to learn a new language, except the Murloc quest chain[citation needed] in Borean Tundra (although this skill won't appear in the skills interface).

Movement skills

There is basically only Riding Riding.

Types of professions