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Snobolds are an arctic kobold-like race[1] found in Dragonblight, Borean Tundra and The Storm Peaks in Northrend. They serve the magnataur; in a sense, they take care of them in return for their protection from others and being allowed to hunt them.[2][3]

Snobolds in the Dragonblight trashes the Dragon's Fall and 7th Legion Front camps during the times when the frost wyrms attack them.[4][5]

The snobolds of Magmoth in Borean Tundra killed Farseer Grimwalker's small force of grunts, after which he was dragged down into Magmoth by the snobold, Kaganishu, and ritually sacrificed. He created a fetish from Grimwalker's body which anchors him to Magmoth and uses it to learn all he knows of shamanism.[6] Kaganishu also captured the gnome Bonker Togglevolt, who came to Magmoth to parlay with the snobolds, but Kaganishu decided instead that he'd be fed to their leader, Magmothregar.[7]

Tore Rumblewrench, the head of the mining operation of K3,[8] noticed there were some snobolds at the Crystalweb Cavern when they arrived, though their mining operation seemed to have met some unfortunate happenings. While she expect most of the snobolds to be dead, she thinks that they probably have some Impure Saronite Ore on them.[9] The local magnataur and snobolds of Garm attack K3, but most of them meet their doom at Garm's Bane.[10]

In contrast to the kobolds, the snobolds are more nomadic in nature.

Notable snobolds



Whereas a kobold has a candle on his head, a snobold has a receptical with bloodspore flowers inside.