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Snowdrift Plains.jpg

Snowdrift Plains is a sub-region of Storm Peaks; it can be found at the northwest corner. The plains are filled with Dolomite Giants constantly fighting with Stormforged Raiders and Stormforged Reavers.

Bouldercrag's Refuge and Narvir's Cradle are located on the east side near the mountain. Grom'arsh Crash-Site borders it on its southeastern edge.


Accepting the quest The Iron Colossus triggers phasing for this area and Navar's Cradle.

  • 'Normal' mobs prior to the quest are removed from both areas.
  • The colossus no longer appears in the scaffolding
  • Before the quest is completed, the colossus wanders the snowdrift plains, past the Cradle and into the center of the plains west of Bouldercrag's refuge.

Once the quest is completed this phased state ends.