Solo adventuring, or simply soloing, refers to the way of a player to achieve questing or other in-game tasks alone, without implying oneself into a party. In World of Warcraft, soloing is a mandatory process at early levels (usually below 10), designed to accustom the player to WoW gaming experience. Quests above that level are somewhat suggestive of grouping (which is especially true for those marked as "Group" or "Elite", or many quests above level 45-50), however are also designed so that solo players could also achieve them.

In fact, the only WoW content that discourages solo adventuring are instanced dungeons.

Pros & cons of soloing

There are several pros and cons of soloing. Here are a few of them.


  • No need to share exp, cash or loot
  • No wasting time on answering other players within a group, especially when fighting
  • No waiting for other players, nor concerns about them leaving the group
  • Better flexibility between changing zones or continents


  • Hard to do certain quests without a group
  • Longer time required for kill quests, especially when facing Elite mobs
  • May be dangerous to roam alone in hostile or unfamiliar territories (even if you've reached level 100)
  • Inaccessible instances - without a raid the best thing you can do there is get killed

Usually, it's up to the player to decide whether they want to go solo or group, but as with everything, a little of each is required for the better gaming experience.

Overgearing in solo

Occasionally, players at much higher levels or are overgeared may solo such content for achievements points bragging rights, or unique gear as a "trophy" or roleplay wear. At exactly what level group content becomes soloable can be difficult to determine, depending on player class, behavior of mobs, and associated gimmicks a player may or may not be able to outgear.

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