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Sorrow Hill located in Western Plaguelands

Sorrow Hill, a gloomy place

Sorrow Hill after the Cataclysm

Sorrow Hill is a large cemetery south of Andorhal in what is now the Western Plaguelands.


In more peaceful times the cemetery was used to bury the deceased from Andorhal and the surrounding area. The cemetery was used for both the rich and poor, having many crypts as well as simple plots. When the Plague of Undeath struck and the Scourge began their relentless raids and attacks, the number of cemetery residences skyrocketed. Quickly dug and poorly marked graves can still be seen at Sorrow Hill from the massive casualties suffered in the defense of Andorhal. Eventually the surviving townspeople stopped burying their dead, and instead dug a mass grave south of the cemetery to incinerate their loved ones, for fear of undeath taking them. The final blow for the surviving townsfolk was when Lord Uther was struck down by Arthas; the final act of the dwindling population before abandoning the town was to erect a great tomb where they buried the torn body of the great hero on the top of the cemetery hill. "Sorrow Hill" may refer to Uther's final resting place.


The Plague Cauldrons in the surrounding area have caused the dead of Sorrow Hill to rise. Deceased soldiers (Skeletal Flayers) and citizens (Slavering Ghouls) now stand guard over their graves, defending the southeast road to Andorhal. Skeletal Mages have risen from their crypt in the southeast of the cemetery and reports of the Sorrow Hill Scourge commander taking residence in the depths of this crypt are becoming more and more frequent...

Sorrow Hill, despite the strong Scourge presence there, is more of a nuisance to the local Argent Dawn contingent, and often new recruits are sent on "upkeep" missions to keep the cemetery relatively clear.

Tactical Information

Level 50-52 Area

Due to its high population of easily dispatched mobs and close proximity to Chillwind Camp, it is an extremely popular location for Alliance characters to grind or farm. Given the closeness to Uther's Tomb, at the first sign of it being attacked, Alliance members will often rush to kill any Horde members who get too close to the tomb.

In Cataclysm

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Sorrow Hill has been taken over by friendly Withdrawn Spirits. Much of the architecture has been repaired and the area is once again lush and green.[1]: