The Spirestone clan[citation needed] of ogres is a remnant of the Old Horde's ogre forces during the Second War. After the war, a sizable number of orcs led by Rend Blackhand and his brother Maim managed to return to their base at Blackrock Mountain. The Spirestone clan, led by Highlord Omokk, decided to follow Rend and his forces into the mountain. The ogres now comprise a large portion of the Dark Horde's forces in Blackrock Spire. The ogres have set up their domain in the Lower Blackrock Spire. More specifically, they inhabit sections of Hordemar City and Mok'Doom. They are lead by Highlord Omokk who holds one of the magical Gemstones needed to gain access to the upper regions of the Spire.


Leader: Combat Icon 16x16.png IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Highlord Omokk

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