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Spirit beasts are the embodied spirits of the natural world. They are naturally incorporeal, but may take a true physical form to fight for the druid or shaman who called them.

Fighting a spirit beast is harrowing, as the creature phases in and out of existence, rarely appearing in the same place twice during battle. Spirit beasts appear like regular animals, but bear glowing auras and are slightly translucent, even when visible.[1]

Hunter pet

Specialization (upon taming)
Ferocity Ferocity
The Spirit beast eats
Inv misc fish 24.png Inv misc food 18.png
The Spirit beast comes with
Ability druid rake.png Inv pet celestialdragon.png Spell shaman spiritlink.png Ability druid supriseattack.png
All pets come with
Spell shadow burningspirit.png Ability physical taunt.png
Spirit beasts are a rare class of creatures found mainly in Northrend. Not much is really known about them and only a handful exist. They are exotic beasts and can only be tamed by beast mastery hunters with the [Exotic Beasts] ability.

Due to the rarity of these beasts, they are usually heavily camped.

Though hunters can respec their pet spirit beasts into Cunning or Tenacity, they are inherently Ferocity. In addition to the abilities that come standard with all pets ([Growl] and [Avoidance]) and those given to their natural or retrained specialization, all spirit beasts are given the following:


The subspecies below can be tamed by hunters.


Other named

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