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Coilfang Reservoir
The Slave Pens (5)

Lord Ahune (event)
Mennu the Betrayer
Rokmar the Crackler

The Underbog (5)

Swamplord Musel'ek
The Black Stalker

The Steamvault (5)

Hydromancer Thespia
Mekgineer Steamrigger
Warlord Kalithresh

Serpentshrine Cavern (25)

Hydross the Unstable
The Lurker Below
Leotheras the Blind
Fathom-Lord Karathress
Morogrim Tidewalker
Lady Vashj

The Steamvault bosses

The Steamvault (also known as the Steam Vaults) is the level 70 wing of the Coilfang Reservoir. It is to the left from where you enter the Coilfang Reservoir but not the leftmost - about 11:00. No key is required to enter. You must defeat the first and second bosses and operate the control panels behind them in order to enter the room with the final boss.

All mobs give Reputation to Cenarion Expedition through Exalted. Rep Given: Trash: 12, 2 (non-elite), Bosses: 120, Full clear 1,662 rep. (1,782 if you take the time to kill all of the slaves as well.) The fastest path through the instance nets ~1100 rep.

In Heroic Mode, the fastest path gives roughly 1550 rep, and a full clear will give 2,559 rep.

The instance can be soloed in normal mode at lvl 80. Heroic Mode can even be soloed by lvl 80 plate dps.


This is a challenging instance, with an unusually large number of mobs, and a couple of reasonably difficult boss encounters. Trash pulls are made up of 2, 3 or 4 elite Naga humanoids, of 5 water elementals (1 elite and 4 non-elite,) or of a single elite bog giant. Because of the large number of 4-humanoid pulls, the instance favors DPS classes that possess humanoid Crowd-Control abilities: Mages, Hunters, Rogues, Warlocks and Shadow Priests. If not all 3 of the group's DPS members can CC humanoids, a skilled tank can fairly easily hold more than one mob at once, although in heroic mode this is best left as a last resort (for broken CC's) to avoid unnecessary wipes.

Almost every pull has a slightly different number and combination of mobs. Make sure that casters are taken down right away (or crowd controlled). The melee can usually be saved for last. A large portion of the instance can be skipped if you pull the 2 guards at the entrance followed by the two bog lords on the right and follow around the right hand side. However, you do not get rep for mobs you do not kill. Excessive skipping, as emphasized below, is also highly likely to cause wipes.

The Oracles and Sirens are very dangerous, with AoE silence and AoE fear they can block your healer for ten seconds or make you pull extra groups. Typically you want them crowd controlled at first and dealt with after the other mobs are dead. Be aware though if you as a mage polymorph the siren and she breaks early she will be after you. As soon as she gets into range she will try to silence you, making you unable to crowd control, frost nova her etc. If somebody tries to assist you she will cast an AoE fear, so ensure that person can break it, especially if there are other mobs they may be feared into.

A Mind Control pull is an effective way to take out a caster early. If you Mind Control the Sorcerer as the pull, then the other mobs will turn to kill the Sorcerer. When you are about 30% health cast Frost Nova. This will trap the remaining mobs in the pull and allow time for your tanks and other crowd controlling characters to react. This also works in Heroic Mode.

Dungeon Denizens


Hydromancer Thespia
Thespia is a naga with two water elemental bodyguards. She herself can cast a lightning cloud that does substantial nature damage to anyone under it and has an 'enveloping winds' spell that stuns the target for five seconds.
Mekgineer Steamrigger
Steamrigger is a mechanical similar to Thermoplugg's pounder. At about 75%, 50%, and 25% health, Steamrigger will call gnomes to repair (heal) him. He also has various special attacks that do not do tremendous amounts of damage.
Warlord Kalithresh
Kalithresh is a naga working for Lady Vashj. In combat, he periodically attempts to channel energy from the nearest of the tanks of fluid in his room. If he completes the 10 second channel, his attack speed increases by 100% and his damage by 75%; this effect is stackable. Once he reaches this state, a wipe is generally imminent and unavoidable, and it is thus imperative that the entire group focus their damage on these fluid tanks as soon as he begins channelling from them.

See the individual boss pages for more detailed information and strategies.


Warning: Pull Thoroughly

The single most important thing to be aware of for the early parts of this instance is the necessity for thorough pulling.

Group leaders in this instance have a tendency to try and rush past various groups of mobs, and early wipes tend to be either due to stray runners triggering other groups of mobs, or members of ranged classes accidentally backing into patrols when trying to get range. Once the group's path through the instance has been decided on, it is vital that the group thoroughly clears all mobs within radius of the determined path, if the group wishes to avoid wipes. The group's leader should not insist on trying to go around mobs excessively in the name of speed or convenience, since the amount of downtime caused by a wipe will generally be considerably more than the time necessary to ensure a safe path through the instance.

List of Trash Mobs

This is a non-exhaustive list of some trash mobs that can be found in the Steamvault.

Mob Abilities Crowd Control
Coilfang Warrior Casts Defensive Stance, Battle Shout and Mortal Blow (Reduces an enemy's Stamina and attack speed for 12 sec) Non-Heroic – Can be frozen or seduced.

Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be frozen or seduced.

Coilfang Slavemaster Casts Geyser (random knockback) and Disarm. Similar to Coilfang Slavehandlers in the Slave Pens instance, in that when pulled some slaves will come along. The slaves will run away and leave the fight once the Slavemaster is dead, as long as they haven't been attacked (but CC is okay). Possible to get kicked down from some balconies. Non-Heroic – Can be seduced.

Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be seduced.

Coilfang Sorceress Casts Blizzard, Frostbolt and Frost Nova. Non-Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Coilfang Siren Casts Fear (1.5 second cast AoE Fear (about 10 yards range)). Casts Arcane Flare (Initial arcane damage and a arcane dot) and Lightning Bolt. Non-Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Coilfang Engineer Melee, casts Throw Bomb (1.2-1.7k damage) and Net (nets a target in place for a few seconds). Non-Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced..

Coilfang Myrmidon Melee, casts Sweeping Strike, Cleave and Execute. Non-Heroic – Can be frozen, or seduced.

Heroic – Immune to Mind Control. Can be frozen, or seduced.

Coilfang Oracle Healer. Casts Sonic Boom (instant AOE 10 sec silence), Frost Shock, Heal (heals 16-17.5k health). Non-Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Heroic – Can be mind controlled, frozen, or seduced.

Coilfang Leper Non-elite leper gnome encountered in large numbers. Casts Fire Blast, Frost Nova, Shadowbolt, Heal (around 3k health healed) and Shoot. Should be killed with AoE spells. Non-Heroic


Coilfang Mechanic Non-elite leper gnome encountered with the boss Steamrigger. Casts Rebuild (channeled spell that repairs a nearby mechanical ally over 20 sec), which will heal Steamrigger. Should be quickly killed, possibly with AoE. Non-Heroic – Can be frozen.

Heroic – Can be frozen.

Bog Overlord Hard hitters with lots of hp. Very painful for melee fighters, due to an aoe Trample that can hit for around 3000 on cloth and a poison cloud that hits for 400/tick. Also emits a ranged poison bolt, which will generally hit anyone not in melee.

Be extremely wary of pulling adds while dealing with these. Ideally, all mobs in the immediate vicinity of the Bog Overlord should be eliminated first to avoid wipes. Can detect stealth.

Heroic – Avoid melee dps if at all possible.

Non-Heroic – Immune to all CC and slowing effects.

Heroic – Immune to all CC and slowing effects.

Tidal Surger Casts Frost Nova, Water Bolt ( direct damage frost spell), and a ranged random target knockback that hits for 1000+.. Comes with 3-4 non-elite adds. Alone, these are not a major threat, however if they are pulled as adds while the players are engaged with another group of mobs they can cause wipes extremely quickly. The Tidal Surger and adds are immune to frost spells. Non-Heroic – Can be banished so that you can deal with the non-elites first.

Heroic – Can be banished so that you can deal with the non-elites first.



See Steamvault loot.


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