A Stone Trogg

"Our war has been waged for longer than your kind counts time."
Earthbreaker Dolomite, Earthen, at Stonehearth[1]

Stone Troggs are said to be the truest form of trogg before the Curse of Flesh turned many of them into their fleshly counterparts. They are considered by proper Earthen as a mistake of the Titans. While it is true that the war between Stone Troggs and the Earthen of Deepholm has waged for countless millenia, the Earthen's account of their origin seems to contradict all that has been learned so far. The Titan strongholds of Uldaman and Ulduar hold a much more complete record of the history of the Earthen, which includes the origin of the Troggs. Needless to say, this has caused much confusion to those who study such things.



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