Alliance Stonehearth Bunker
Stonehearth Bunker.jpg
Stonehearth Bunker
FactionAlliance Stormpike Guard

Stonehearth Bunker is the alliance’s southern most bunker in Alterac Valley, located south east of Stormpike Graveyard, almost in line with Stonehearth Outpost. It is one of the closest (and most vulnerable) alliance targets for the horde when the battle starts – although it is sometimes skipped to be captured after Stonehearth Outpost and Stonehearth Graveyard.

Like Icewing Bunker, it is protected by 4 Stormpike Bowmens. There are no archers on the ground floor, all are located at the top of the bunker. The archers can often be taken out from outside the bunker by ranged horde players (hunters, priests, warlocks) - something not always possible for the horde towers due to the fact that horde towers are taller with the archers located at the top. It takes 4 minutes to fully capture and destroy the bunker. The archers will respawn after a length of time, if the bunker remains under alliance control.