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Stormcrest Eagles are a special breed of giant eagle. They are snowy eagles that are rather large, much larger than the rest of the eagles in Azeroth. These majestic beasts are incredibly resilient and are able to withstand the harsh landscapes of their home, Storm Peaks. Due to this, they are the flying mount of choice for the Frostborn, who have also been able to overcome the rugged and unforgiving terrain of the Storm Peaks and make it their home.

Similarly to the Wildhammer dwarves and their loyal gryphons, the Frost dwarves share a bond with these eagles that is unshakable. The Frostborn breed their hatchlings near Frosthold.


Vehicle This creature can be mounted.

After completing most of the quests offered by Frostborn, a daily quest will open up allowing players to freely ride these giant eagles.


  1. Ability hunter eagleeye.png  [Swoop]ω ϖ 10 yd range—Swoops at a Stormpeak Wyrm, dealing 5850 to 7150 damage. (1.5 sec cooldown)
  2. Spell nature natureswrath.png  [Eye Gouge]ω ϖ 20 yd range—Claws at the eyes and head of a Stormpeak Wyrm, dealing 5850 to 7150 damage every sec for 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)
  3. Ability thunderbolt.png  [Storm Bolt]ω ϖ 5 - 45 yd range—Hurls a Storm Hammer at a Stormpeak Wyrm, dealing 8750 to 11250 damage and stunning the target for 4 sec before returning to the thrower's hand. (6 sec cooldown)

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