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Stormreaver clan banner in color

The Stormreaver clan was a small, but powerful, Orcish clan which originated in the time prior to the Horde's arrival on Azeroth. The ruler of the Stormreavers was the warlock, Gul'dan, who maintained an iron-fisted rule over the clan. He was disliked in the Second War by Doomhammer due to his manipulations of the Horde, and especially of Blackhand. The Stormreavers, founded by Gul'dan to serve as his personal protection, had Doomhammer attacked. Gul'dan, along with the support of his clan, intended to find the lost Tomb of Sargeras; legend had it that this Tomb contained power beyond imagining.[1] (W2Man 69)

The clan was assigned to defend the Horde's positions at Stormwind and Balor, but betrayed Doomhammer and hastened to the Broken Isles to raise the Tomb of Sargeras from the ocean floor. Stormreaver's warriors were slaughtered by Doomhammer and the Blackrock clan when he exacted his revenge and their spell casters were torn apart by the Guardians of the Tomb. The few Stormreaver Warlocks and Necrolytes who survived wander the world, their only company the ghosts of their fallen comrades (see: Drak'thul).


A Stormreaver member from WC3

The Stormreaver clan was made up nearly exclusively of warlocks..[2]

Known members

Name Role Status Location
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Orc Male.gif Drak'Thul Alive Broken Isles
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Garona.gif Garona Halforcen Alive
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Gul'dan.gif Gul'dan Chieftain Deceased Tomb of Sargeras, Broken Isles, echo at Altar of Damnation, Shadowmoon Valley
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Orc Male.gif Rakmar Sharpfang Unofficial leader of the necrolytes Deceased
Neutral 15.pngIconSmall Orc Male.gif Urluk Cloud-killer Deceased Tomb of Sargeras, Broken Isles



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